Thursday, July 27, 2017

NBC Game Show "The Wall" is Rigged!

The Wall is rigged! Oh, my! Oh me! 

In their latest foray into late night game shows, NBC has done their homework into what people are

focusing on as they watch a game show. I remember my nearly winning $1.4 million in an Ohio

Lottery game years ago. I found it interesting that by combining two different pooling strategies that

I could narrow the odds significantly. The odds on my last bets were 1 to 42 that I would win

compared to the 1 in 30,000,000 that a non-pooling bettor would face. After finding the "flaw" I lost

interest in playing.

Similarly, in the television game show presented for television audiences, the NBC game show The 

Wall, is clearly rigged. Statistically, each ball should be the same size( minor differences), the board

MUST be flat (it isn't), each ball should fall at or near the same rate (they don't), and each springed

rod should only hold a ball for a partial inertial moment (they don't).

Here is my evaluation of The Wall NBC's rigged game show. 

Your news headline should read, "Local sisters will bring home over $200,000

from the "rigged" game The Wall, an NBC television show that aired tonight.

As a financial consultant, math whiz, and studier of people, it was obvious to the

keen eyed person that the "take-away" balls (red) were systemically guided

in such a way as to cause them to "appear" to fall randomly.

If you notice, the next to last ball, stood still for a full two second plus count,

before dropping. An electrically charged board with trip wires is obviously being used

to keep the total prize money down, and to make it appear that the game board is kosher.

Similarly, on other shows, the same "non-random hesitation" of the "loaded" ball

occurred at just the right moment to make it appear that the occurrence was statistically random.

The same issue comes up with lottery balls that are made with minor physical differences.

The odds of winning big money is not with the contestants of The Wall.

If you ask a construction engineer to build a similar plinko board with skewed surfaces

and an small electrical charge, it would be clearly apparent that The Wall is rigged beyond doubt.

Mark Winkle, Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability
Fin., Env., Legis., and Human Rights Consultant
Dayton, Ohio

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