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My Advice to World Leaders Including President Trump

            It's easy to give advice, and harder to accept that you don't have all the answers. I sympathize with those who thought that being a leader of a country or an organization would be an "easy" or "comfortable" job. Not unless you like having pitchforks jabbed at you from every direction. I have learned to do my due diligence long before typing the first word of advice. You can't unpublish something on the Internet or unspeak the words that come out of your mouth. You might be able to confuse and befuddle the idiots of the mainstream press, who pander their own agenda, but middle of the roaders like myself have learned to stand quiet while others make fools of themselves.
             President Trump would be wise to stand idle at times when he wants desperately to speak, to shout, to strangle his opponent, and wait for the opportunity to demonstrate that his point of view is more acceptable than his opponent's.
             If you look at pictures of many world leaders it looks as if they have a bad case of gas, but they are just internalizing the thought of strangling an opponent that had a different point of view, or someone that had proven them wrong.

So, here's my advice:

1. Climate Change- Paris Accords

     Leave the United States in the accord. I live in Ohio, and every day the weather aka climate is different. Having spent years going over the data myself as well as the arguments, I do not believe that the end of the world is near. I do believe that we need to create less of a carbon footprint than we are.
     We did not create this planet and we are NOT in charge of its maintenance, but we can all work together to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle everything.

      Manufacturers need to be regulated into closed loop manufacturing so the waste and pollution that they create is as little as possible. In house recycling should be mandated by the EPA that every manufacturing facility have a closed loop process in place by 2025.

       Government fleets should be running on hydrogen fuel cells or CNG by now as these are the two cleanest fuels. Govern by example gentlemen and ladies.

       While Climate change has been happening daily for thousands of years (not millions), the average temperature increase of one-tenth of a degree per year is not that great of an increase. If all of the HAARP experimental weather programs were closed, the weather would stabilize by itself.

        Staying in the Paris Agreement makes sense in that it demonstrates the United States' commitment to making the world a cleaner, safer place for all of us to live. The voluntary reductions are easily done, the change in attitude from greed to helping out your neighbors will take a little more time.

        WAR GAMES- North Korea, Syria, China, Russia

         War games are easy if you're not the one dying or getting shot at. Unfortunately, politicians too readily send others into harms way over a difference of opinion on simple matters. President Trump wants to increase the military budget while cutting social programs. The negative impact at home of cutting social programs would cause an increase in the prison population, inner-city strife, economic gaps, a four-tier social economy, and waste resources that could be used to clean up the United States internally. Instead of being the world's police force, (our military has a presence in 104 countries and increasing), we should fix the infrastructure, build bridges, roads, desalination plants, create an environmentally sustainable and friendly fleet of vehicles and get rid of the V-8's and limosines. We should provide funding to poverty stricken schools to increase the opportunities for children to escape poverty and the inner city. We should provide free health care (by buying corporate hospitals and clinics), cutting doctor's salaries, provide incentives for doctors and nurses to work in urban hospitals such as assistance in paying down or forgiving student loans for five years of inner-city hospital service.
        Instead of buying things to kill our fellow man with, we should invest in our children's futures by providing for free textbooks, free online college level classes, provide for reduced salaries or salary caps for professors and administrators that have caused the price of education to increase annually, and eliminate student loans in exchange for years of teaching, providing free legal services, free dental services, free medical services etc. to those below the poverty level in the attempt to level the playing field and close the economic gap between the poor and the one percent.

       The War on ISIS- A Modern Joke (Syria, North Korea, Russia too)!

        If Donald Trump was serious about ending the war in Syria, Isis's reign of terror, the civil war in Sudan, the mass killings of Christians in the Congo or any other war of any size, the massive waste of money the United States pours into our military that mostly sits on its assets unless it is protection human trafficking in eastern Europe or South Korea, could intervene and remove the threat to the world in a week. But, arm side quarterbacks like President Trump are not on the ground, have never experienced personal tragedy, and cannot fathom or begin to understand the long term consequences of their actions.
         Former President Bush's actions created the opportunity for a civil war to erupt in Iraq. The failure to consider the consequences of disarming the Iraq military and police force created a vacuum of authority inside Iraq, similarly when the United States intervened in South Africa and caused a civil war.
          Talk is cheap, putting lives at risk in a foreign country creates havoc on two continents, both here at home, and on the ground where lives are being risked. The "war" in Afghanistan is not a true war at all, but a show of force by the Central Intelligence Agency that they control the Heroin supply of the world instead of the Taliban. If the CIA and other "intelligence" agencies would remove themselves from Human Trafficking, Drug Running, Drug Distribution, murder for hire, political assassinations, government corruption, and other illegal acts, the world would be a much safer place for all of us. Why not cut the black ops budget in half and see what happens.
           If we truly wanted to end the terror in Syria, a few well placed bombs would resolve the matter quickly. But, you have to be able to estimate Russia's response. And, Donald Trump, being as mentally and emotionally unstable as Vladimir Putin is, doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger and end the Syrian War.
            As for the civil war in South Sudan, these are Christians killing Christians, we have decided to take no sides. As for the killing of Christians in Egypt, we have taken no stand. As for the killing of innocent people in the Congo by the police and the military, we have taken no stand. As for the violation and torture of journalists around the world in countries such as Eritrea, we have taken no stand.

           Building Walls Instead of Building Mutual Acceptance

          Five years ago I submitted an immigration plan to Pres. Obama and other congressional leaders. It provided a path to citizenship that included military service for at least one member of each family, the repayment of back taxes, social security, etc. a small fine, and a path out of the shadows. But, the two sides could not agree. Our current immigration system is broken and unworkable- no matter how many hands you have bailing water, it will continue to sink under the weight of intolerance and indifference.

         By all means secure the border from criminals and drug traffickers- but, at the same time, take the CIA out of the drug manufacturing and distribution industry, and Human Trafficking industry as well as the US Military. Our government employees should never put lives of civilians at risk, no matter what race, national origin, color, creed, or gender they are.

          It is high time that President Trump endorse the International Peace Accord that I drafted and submitted to the United Nation earlier this year. It is the future of the world whether hawks like President Trump think it is or not. It is the only way this planet will survive. If we cannot set aside our cultural and religious differences, and stop fighting over oil and natural gas supplies, we, as citizens of this planet will have failed our creator's mission given to us at birth- to make this world a better place than it was when we were born.

         Draining the Swamp (of Government employees)

          The first piece of advice that I offered President Popandreiu of Greece in 2011 was to cut 30-50,000 government jobs. The waste that was going into government employees salaries, benefits etc. was staggering. The employees received severance packages of six month's salaries, but that wasn't enough for these greedy people.
          Similarly, here in the United States, the "non-essential" government employees are 30-4-% of the government workforce. They contribute only to the morass of confusion, increase the budget, complicate resolution of problems, and push papers from one desk to yet another, then another for signatures and approvals.  The government produces no product, saves nothing, generates nothing but waste, and consumes more than 50% of the budget. A plan of employee buy-outs would be greatly appreciated if the plan included features that the government employee could NOT be employed by any government agency (federal, state, or local) for a period of ten years (including being a board member or officer), could not be employed by any contractor of the United States government for a period of ten years, could not be employed by a think tank, other lobbying or special interest groups for a period of ten years, and could not hold stock or other asset of any of the preceding for a period of ten years. The same rules should be applied to all government employees after their separation from government employment whether that employment was military service or as a citizen should have no bearing.

          Only by removing the incentive to conspire with one another will the swamp of corruption be drained in Washington D.C.

          This is a short list of my advice today. I have more advice, but unless I am being paid to give it, the body needs to sleep and prepare to fight the Cancer I might have. Chemo might start as early as two weeks and I am dreading it already.

           Almighty God, give our world leaders the wisdom to research the facts before they open their mouths. Let them set their egos aside before they make decisions that have long-lasting effects on all of us, and let them be humble before your throne, and permit you to run this world. Amen.

Mark Winkle
Founder,CEO The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

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