Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bill Cosby Should Be Investigated For Jury Tampering

              As the arrogant rapist Bill Cosby sat in a court conference room waiting for the jury to come

back with a verdict, "it appeared as if he knew it would be a hung jury."  This is the account of many

who were with the rapist Cosby during his trial. With his life's work and reputation lost, sixty women

still to buy off, Cosby still can't bring himself to face the truth that he is a very sick man. The

repeated drugging of numerous women, then having sexual contact with them in his hotel room, is

rape- nothing short of it. Bill Cosby, on the other hand, seriously thinks that crowds of fans will still

want to see him after he buys off yet another jury.

               The delusional Cosby was even "holding court" in his court conference room, as if he was

still a valued celebrity figure and not someone to be held up to scorn. With sixty accusers, it is

difficult to understand how ten out of twelve (10 out of 12) jurors agreed upon two of the rape

charges, but somehow believed that the victim was not totally unconcious at the time of the rape.

Does anyone reading this actually believe that she would have just lied there and allowed herself

to be raped?

               The juror that spoke to the press recently revealed that "after 30 hours of deliberations that

nothing changed."  The question then should be, "Who did the two hold outs talk to from the time

that the jury was chosen?"   How much did Bill Cosby or his attorneys pay for these two jurors to

continue to deny the evidence? With sixty accusers, it is obvious that Bill Cosby IS a RAPIST. Of

that, there is no doubt. The questions concerning jury tampering must be asked as a mixed jury

would have already hung the defendant and he would have been sentenced to life in prison if he was

a poor black or white man instead of a has been, once upon a time comedian. 

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