Monday, May 1, 2017

President Donald Trump's Agenda and the Republican Congress

             In the 1970's the United States elected Ronald Reagan to replace James Earl Carter (a really nice guy). Deals were made with axis of Evil Iran to allow them to continue to hold American soldiers hostage until after Reagan was elected.
             Jimmy Carter had also run on an anti-establishment campaign, but the Democratic Party bosses refused to help him change the face of America to make more of an economic balance in the country. It seems that no matter whether you are a country boy like Carter or a shark like Donald Trump claims to be, your agenda, even if it gave you a clear voter mandate to change the wealth inequality and to bring economic values more into balance, the infighting in Washington D.C. over who is the King or Queen of the mountain seems to be the business of the day. Rome burned while Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Obama tried to make the United States an oligarchical socialist republic over the past eight years.
               But, we must ask ourselves who is really in charge? Is this truly a country of "We the people.... or is this a country of economic slavery imposed by the greedy upon the meek?" The wealthy will surely burn in hell, while the meek will be around for eternity. You choose your own path here ladies and gentlemen.
               What nearly caused the collapse of the European Union is socialized medicine. One of my first pieces of advice to the European Union was to reduce the amount of money paid to drug companies, hospitals, and doctors. The escalation of health care prices was so extravagant over the past twenty years that the European Union could barely afford the tab.
                In the present wrangling over the United States budget, Donald Trump should take note of these facts:

                In the last government shut down, nearly 40% (forty percent) of all United States government employees were laid off because they WERE NOT ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL. So, if they are not essential personnel, why do we as a nation continue to pay them $50,000 a year plus in addition to benefits? Why not show them the door? In my first piece of advice to Greece's President in 2011, I advised the president to cut 30,000 to 50,000 government employees (leaches). Yes, they rioted, they cried in the streets to try to get their over paid jobs back. But Greece was soon on the road to recovery. Along came Socialist Angela Merkel to stir the pot from Germany. As a result of near draconian measures mandated by Merkel and the International Monetary Fund (as the European Central Bank stood by and watched), Greece's citizens voted Socialists back into office. Greece's new presidents first act? - You guessed it, he reinstated the 50,000 plus government leach jobs that had been eliminated. Greece is still trying to recover economically while the rest of the European Union is traveling on near solid ground. 

                  So, why do we continue to  employ NON-ESSENTIAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES and fund socialist programs such as Planned Parenthood, Public Broadcasting, NPR, and others with a socialist agenda? 

                  Government mandated socialism has NEVER worked as an economic model in any country or at any time in history. 

2)               Ironically, in direct opposition to what would have created millions of new jobs from 2008 to 2016, the Obama administration cut funding to the Small Business Administration instead of increasing it. The Obama administration was funding the building of Mosques around the world instead of paving the way for economic recovery here in the United States. 

                   Similarly, instead of endorsing the below International Peace Law, President Trump continues to taunt North Korea, continues to back the CIA's regime destabilization program, and continues to want to be the "King of the Hill." President Trump would be wise to take a few clues from the movie The Lion King. God makes kings and rulers and removes those who are not servant minded or humble. 
                    Instead of media bashing, instead of seeking out fights to wage, the president should CUT THE MILITARY FUNDING (the United States military budget is more than any other country in the world), and that doesn't include the hidden budget of the NSA, Black Ops, CIA, etc. 

The United States spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined
             If President Trump was truly interested in reducing the budget deficit, he would cut defense spending by 10% a year until the NON-ESSENTIAL personnel were depleted, impose a hiring freeze (done already), and use the money to provide Small Business loans instead. Change the regulations so that even non-disadvantaged persons (including white males) could get business loans.

                  Throw out Obamacare and start over. Drain the swamp, but don't build the wall with government funds. Instead, mandate that one member of each immigrant family illegally in the United States may serve either three years of military service or two years of community service. This will create a path to citizenship, provide job training, educate potential employees, reduce the number of gang members, and reduce the economic drag on the US economy.

                  Instead of stop-gap measures, pass a "clean bill" for the FY 2018 in September, and move forward towards a brighter future.

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