Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Advice to My Son

You are about to join the working world and take responsibility for your own life. I thought I would take this opportunity to share some things that I have learned in my hard life.

One: You have a choice to do the kind of work you love or take survival jobs that might pay more... but, you will be miserable, and miserable to be around. I helped thousands of people when I was on the road, but I paid such a high price of being away from you and your sister. But, I loved it.

Two: find someone to love that shares your interests. In the past you have had many one sided
relationships. Love is tough. It's give and take, a fight to the death of your ego, in exchange
for the love of another person. You don't ever get exactly what you want in this life... ever.
But, you can get awful close to what you want and be happ with it.

Three: money isn't everything. I've had a lot and a little. I liked myself more, helped others more, and
felt better about myself when I was surviving on a little. It made me a better person to know that
money was not my master, it was just a tool. '

Four: Invest in people first and material items second. You are young and stronger than you think.
Help others when you can, even if they don't thank you. A job well done will repay you in spades.
You have set forth the energy into the universe that you have unselfishly committed an act of
kindness. God will honor that by providing you with help when you need it.

Five: Be thankful for what you have. No matter how bad you have it, someone else's life is
always worse than your own. If you stop and look around, others are hurting too. If you only focus
on how bad you have it, you will be stuck looking in a mirror, and forty years from now you'll wonder where all the time went.

It's a good day when you wake up above ground. It's a bad day when you wake up below ground.

Six: Learn something new every day. The world is changing, but most of it stays the same so we know where we came from.

Seven: Figure out what you believe, study it, make sure you defend it with your every breath. I know
when God takes me home that both of your grandfathers, your grandmother (my mom), Debbie, Ken,
and many others will be there waiting. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. But, I know what I
believe. I have since I was five years old, and still believe that Jesus died for my sins, rose on the
third day, and is coming again (long after we are in heaven by the way).

Eight: When you have a problem, walk up to God or Jesus in your mind and lay it down at his feet.
He won't and can't work on it while you are hugging it:) My Cancer belongs to and came from God.
I have already laid it down at his feet. My future, my ministries, my health, and my life have been
in God's hands (most of the time) for 53 years. I have almost died more than 100 times and I'm still kicking. I'll go when God wants me to, so stop worrying about it, I'm not.

Nine: Laugh out loud at someone or something every day. Stress breaks down your immune system.
Stress causes heart attacks, strokes, and makes you lose a hard on when you really want one.

Ten: Don't take life so seriously. We are here for at most 36,500 days if we live to be a hundred years old. 12-13,000 of those days are spent sleeping. Another 5,000 days are spent waiting in line behind people who can't make up their minds, or are not paying attention. Another 5-8,000 days are spent
traveling to go to work or to go somewhere else. Another 5,000 days are spent preparing and eating food. And finally, another 5,000 days working. That gives us a maximum of 4,500 days to enjoy doing what we want or what others want us to do. Eight years out of a hundred after our survival needs are taken care of- less if you get married, have children and have pets. (The trade off is worth it though.  You and Sara were, as well as all of my dogs, cats, turtles, and fish), were worth every minute of my time and every hug , kiss, and handshake. You both honor me deeply every day.  I am so proud of you. Watching you find your own way through life's ups and downs is heartbreaking and heartwarming, as you have never given up trying- even when you truly wanted to. These are the fringe benefits of life.  Make the most of every day and take time to smile and smell the roses- no roses? take a look at the world that was made for only you, it's not perfect, and neither are the people in it, but the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

Now get out there and conquer the world and stop hiding behind all of those books already! Life is waiting for you.

And most of all, remember that no matter whether you are the king of the world or a bottle washer, I will always be proud of you and love you. You can come to me any time you like, even for no reason at all, or just to hang out.

Your Father

Feel free to copy this and give it to others. It is my gift to you. 

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