Friday, April 7, 2017

What TO DO WITH SYRIA AND ASSAD? Hmmmm. Let us Ponder on That

             The Syrian Civil War has been ongoing for some time now. It has been destabilizing the Middle East since its beginning. On one hand you have a demogogue supported by another demogogue (Putin), both are terrorists, both are mentally and emotionally unstable, both murder their adversaries, both are war criminals, and both want to continue to be terrorist leaders. The Syrian regime is also backed by other terrorist supporting organizations such as Iran, Hammas, and the soon to be eliminated Isis.
              On the other hand, you have a cobbled group of freedom fighters from different factions with no clear leader to get behind. This sounds like a poorly made Western movie. You expect the "good guys" to ride out, guns blazing, and shoot down the war criminals Putin and Assad, and take the Syrian Army to jail (the hoosegow) to be hanged for their participation in this traumatic display of inhumanity towards your fellow countrymen.
              It reminds me of the Battle for Leningrad in WWII. Remember when Russian officers were ordered to murder their own soldiers that did not want to be involved in the fighting? It sadly also reminds me that Putin has murdered or had murdered two opposition leaders in Russia in the past three years. It reminds me that Russian forces shot down Malaysian Flight MH17 without regard to the civilian lives on board the aircraft and then lied about it.
               In the past, the civilized nations of the world joined together and created NATO and the once revered United Nations. However, with rogue nations being presently part of the UN Security Council, and having veto power to thwart any action by the council, it has created an unforeseen scenario where a third group must be created.
                An International Peace Accord must be written and agreed to for the world be be at peace. Any nation violating said Peace Accord would be shunned by the other nations of the world until reparations had been made, war criminals had been surrendered to the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) for prosecution, and a treaty had been entered into by warring parties.
                We wonder why civilizations from other planets choose to avoid our planet and its warlike bravado. But, if you saw death and destruction in the name of greed on a daily basis from your neighbors, would you invite them to join you for dinner? I think not. Such a foolish thought might end up with your own death and destruction.

                  So, in the meantime, what needs to be done with Syria, Russia, Iran, Palestine, Israel, South Sudan and Sudan and other warring rogue nations?  Sanctions have had little affect on Russia, as they were not harsh enough. They did not go far enough to pierce the fat of the bear. Crimea is still illegally being held captive, as are the millions of its citizens.
                  While Russia was cooperating with the United States in its fight against Isis, I wonder what its end game was? Obviously, its fight against Isis helped keep Syrian's dictator in office, but what else has Russia planned to destabilize the Middle East?
                   Russia now has a foothold in Syria and can at will destabilize the entire Middle East by providing weapons, both nuclear and non-nuclear to other rogue nations such as Iran, Libya, Palestine, and Iraq, to name a few.
                   It is ironic that Russia has crawled into bed with radical Muslims to create a cockroach's nest in the Middle East, considering the fact that Russia nearly exterminated the Armenians, froze to death most of the Crimeans, and has caused the death of more Muslims than any other nation in history since 1800.

                   Who among you consider yourself to be "peace loving"? I implore you to stand with me to create and sign your nation's signature to an International Peace Accord that guarantees every nation the right: to have democratic elections, to be free from tyranny and dictators, to permit its citizens the right to redress issues with their government, to have freedom of speech, press, and religion, to have the freedom of movement, to be treated with dignity and honor, to be respected and provided equal opportunities to survive and even succeed in life, to have the necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, and love, to be protected from foreign and internal armies who seek to take control of a sovereign nation against the will of its citizens, to be protected from criminal organizations, conspiracies, corporation, and governments that would violate the human rights of its citizens, and to establish other rights such as deemed necessary to protect and preserve future rights as they are adopted.

I will be working on drafting such a document in the near future. It is time for us as a planet to stop
funding war economies and to stop wasting money fighting one another over cultural, religious, territorial, or other childish notions and slights. It is time to end the war against humanity that has been created by the warmongers. It is time for us, as citizens of this world to learn to live in peace with one another or suffer the elimination of our species on this planet. The choice is yours.

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