Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A More Stable Economy For the World

               Now that the economies of the European Union have become more stable, the debts of the European Union members have been substantially paid down, and the European Union has become more unified, I look back at the few mistakes that were made and shrug my shoulders. A few mistakes due to arrogance and selfishness can be changed by an exchange of personnel, whether political or economic.
                 It is time to look at the big picture and stop looking inward. By helping others, you help yourself. Some time ago I read the book Looking Out For Number #1 by Robert J. Ringer. Every politician, banker, businessperson, teacher, and social worker should read this book. You do a great disservice to the world by being selfish, thinking of only your own needs. When you step back and grasp the big picture, you find that we are all connected. That what you do affects not only your circle of influence, but millions of people in your region.
                  If I shout "Fire!" in a theater, and a few dozen people are injured, and a handful of people die, the effects of that simple error in judgment has a traumatic effect on millions of people. Similarly, when politicians and bankers only look inwards to meet their personal goals and desires, it creates the environment for an economic tsunami such as the Depression of 2007-2015.
                  While Greece's economy has yet to fully recover due to the selfishness of its socialist leaders who returned the worthless government employees to their former jobs and refused to negotiate terms for repayment of its debts, the rest of the European Union has substantially recovered and has substantially paid down its debts. While some countries have imposed tough sanctions on their citizens to get results, others have barely changed their former practices. Those who have succeeded, realized that great changes only come through pain. A few short years of belt tightening and the economic strain of bloated budgets caused by government imposed socialism has been reduced.

                  I can only say, "Thank you for listening and doing what was needed."

                  Now, if we can dismantle "the war economy practice" of making weapons and then searching for or creating a war in order for those weapons to be used, this world would be a thousand times better to live in.

                   War, hate, greed, lust for power are all precursors of a failed world economic system.

                    In 2012 I offered the world The Time Exchange: A Non-Monetary Economic System that levels the playing field for every citizen of this planet. It is my hope that one day it is adopted and we can all treat one another as friends and not competitors. After all, we all live here by the grace of God, even though God doesn't care about us.

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