Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wars, Corruption, Indifference, Greed, Hatred, Inequality and Other Obstructions to Economic Stability

            We here in the United States are between a rock and a hard place. We have the greatest freedoms in the world, and on the other hand, we have those who would limit our freedoms in the attempt to control us.
             We have free speech rights, but if we stand up to our government, we are investigated. I, myself, have had my phone calls, emails, blogs, and other communications illegally tracked for years. But, like Andrew Breitbart, I research and expose the truth when I find it. They have yet to murder me like they did him and thousands of others who dared speak the truth in spite of the dangers, but when that day comes, I will be in heaven. This is only my temporary home.
              Like our government here in the United States, it has been estimated that 80% of our citizens openly lie on their tax returns. We justify it as a result of our government employees wasting, stealing, and misappropriating our hard earned money. Our government provides us with nothing that we could not do for ourselves given the opportunity. We are charged for contaminated water, taxed to clean up brown fields created by industries that our USEPA failed to properly oversee, regulated to death, obstructed on many sides from speaking out against fraud, theft, abuse, and corruption by government employees. Federal judges are bribed in Dayton, Cincinnati, Ohio and throughout the land of the free (if you can afford an attorney) and the home of the brave (those who wake up every day and work for a living).
             Today, we mourn one of the worst acts committed by our own National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency. They have yet to tell the truth about what happened on September 11, 2001 or many other illegal acts of war around the world committed by them. They hide behind the mask of national security. What kind of documents were secured at the World Trade Center that needed destroyed that it was worth starting an illegal war to overthrow Iraq's Saddam Hussein and take control of the oil fields and murdering more than 4,000 people on that day and more than one million Iraq citizens in an illegal war?
           Why is it that despite the thousands of war crimes committed by the United States military and government officials that no one has been charged? Where are the passengers of United Flight 93 that actually landed in New York on September 11, 2001? Where are they now? Were they killed, moved, or put into a witness protection program? It would have been easy for the NSA to do.
            What about the Navy pilot that torpedoed the Pentagon? Was he promoted or drummed out of the armed forces? Was he given a medal? or was he murdered too? What about the pilots that flew the drones into the World Trade Center, were they sworn into silence or were they murdered? Were they promoted?
            As for the families of those who lost their lives as civilians in both the United States and in Iraq over the many wasted years spent fighting an imaginary enemy? Why did the United states government buy them off if the government was not guilty of crimes? How much does George Bush Jr. know that he is afraid to talk about? How can he live with himself and look in the mirror every morning with the knowledge that he was personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq?
             The WMDs Weapons of Mass Destruction that the United States government knew were not in Iraq anymore (as satellite video shot three weeks earlier of a convoy of military truck leaving Iraq headed towards Russia) clearly demonstrated. The version of Saddam Hussein found in a hole on a farm was NOT Saddam Hussein, but an imposter. Our government felt it had to kill someone, so it killed another innocent man. According to my sources, Saddam Hussein and his son left the country and went to Russia. From there, who know where they went. My sources also informed me that when Saddam and his surviving son raided Iraq's banks, his wife and daughter took the money (most of it anyway) to Yemen with them.
              If you ask any member of the United States military why we were in Iraq, they will tell you that we were there to secure the oil for the oil companies. Hundreds of thousand of innocent citizens died so the United States could secure a supply of oil, go figure.
              Is it any wonder that the world is in such a mess? Do you wonder why there is such inequality in the legal systems of the world? Do you wonder why the world's economy nearly collapsed under the strain of debt in 2007?
              If a plan like the Economic Stability Plan that I submitted to the United Nations Economic Council in 2012 was implemented, there would be no rich, no poor, no hungry, no starving, no uneducated, and wars would cease to happen.
               Here in the United States alone more than 100 million people lost their jobs and their homes from 2007-2015. The economic depression caused by greedy bankers, the wasteful Iraq War 2.0 (the war for oil), the war for Afghanistan's poppy crops, heroin trade and the destabilization of the Middle East nearly collapse the collective psychologically fake economies of the world.
               As a result of our continued interference in other countries and the massive debt load compiled by George Bush Jr. and Barack Obama (sixteen years of gross incompetence) thanks to the Council on Foreign Affairs that elected these two morons to the office of the president of the United States. You see, it is a myth that the population of the United States actually elects the president. It has never happened and unfortunately never will unless we change our constitution.
                This is exactly why it makes no difference whether Hillary Crooked Clinton or Oh My God Trump! in the commander in chief for the next eight years. Either way, the revolution of the poor and middle class citizens is coming to a shopping center near you. Forget Rodney King, O'Jay Simpson, Aunt Jemima, and Michael Jackson. The people that will need to hide are the business owners , the attorneys, the judges, the politicians, and the bankers. There will be no place to hide for any of them. No amount of police, no show of force, no military power great enough to calm the crowds of angry citizens that will take every wealthy person and send them to hell.Viva, le revolution!


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