Monday, August 29, 2016

Balancing the World's Economies Through Natural Equilibrium

It is very seldom that I weigh in on matters that are incomplete, but I find myself repeating the same thing over and over.... we live in a time where money has no tangible value. It has only intrinsic value.
Something only has value to the extent that another person is willing to exchange another item for it. The United States dollar, or the currency of any country, is only valuable to the extent that its citizens has faith in the government backing the currency. Here in these United States, we have no faith in our corrupt selfish government or the Federal Reserve that unfortunately runs our economy.
We live in a world where every country has a fiat currency, one with an imaginary value, that is set daily by a computer, to keep it in balance with every other country's currency.
We might as well be paying with Monopoly money, for it is almost worth as much.
Just as in Monopoly, the banker always wins due to theft, loans to itself from the other citizen's (players) work efforts, money (accidently) falling on the floor (out of circulation) , and manipulation of the rules of the game so the other players have an ever decreasing supply of money.
Every economist and financial consultant knows that the Federal reserve has been shoring up the artificially high Dow Jones Industrial Average and other markets by pumping in more worthless money.
The only way to make the US Dollar worth more, is to restore our faith in  our government, and to remove the bankers such as the Federal Reserve from the equation and to put the authority to change the economy back into the hands of the United States Treasury where it belongs.
The Federal Reserve and its policies caused the Great depression of 2007-2015 and its policies are continuing to stagnate the growth of the economy. The Federal Reserve, in fact, falsified its most recent balance sheets and left most of its toxic assets off of it, and classified them as future debts instead.
Until the citizens of these United States can trust its banks and its government, there will be no long term growth. The mere fact that the Federal Reserve refuses to allow itself to be audited demonstrates that is is, and has been lying to the rest of us in this world.
In my advice to the European Union, I informed them that government debt was an illusion that could be "disappeared," written off of the books intentionally. No one would ever know. And that has happened.
Due to the psychology of the marketplace, the United States could do the same thing, (as more than 70% of its debt is owed to itself and state government - to which it provides money).
In reality, the sky is not falling, God won't permit it to. Unless we remove the control that banks and bankers have over our collective economies and return them to the servant status (where they belong), the world's economy will never be stable and balanced. 

Mark Winkle, Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability