Friday, July 1, 2016

Let's Talk About Radical Islam, Feminists, Animal Rights, Political and other Morons and Idiots

               Radicals of any stripe are to be considered MENTALLY ILL and UNSTABLE by any means. The sheer arrogance that my beliefs are somehow better than your beliefs to the extent that I will kill you for not believing the same things and at the same depth of belief that I believe is ludicrous, stupid, and imbecilic (as in, you are an imbecile- ignorant ass).
                As for my beliefs: I believe that there is a God, that I am not him (it), that he sent his son (part of his spirit, made flesh), and that his son Jesus was sacrificed to atone for my disrespect of God's plan for my life. This is where I and the more than 2,400 other Christian sects/denominations part ways. I do not tithe (Old Testament law/not grace). I believe that baptism is an outward sign of an inward lifestyle change, that God's spirit lives in me and openly communicates with me.
                Now, you know my beliefs. I will not try to kill you or argue as to whether or not your beliefs are better or worse than my own. I accept you as you are, a creation that is as unique as I am that has their own specific purpose in this world.
                 Where radicals depart from the rest of us is that they believe that THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO GOT THE MESSAGE RIGHT! Seriously? Are they crazy? I believe that anyone who believes that they are the only ones who got God's intentions right on anything are insane, mentally ill, and therefore suicidal and dangerous to the very fabric of this world society as a whole.
                  Am I always right on the mark with my advice? No. I am not. I am right most of the time when I advise people, governments, and countries on matters that I have experience with. My areas of expertise are Financial, Environmental Legal, and Human Rights issues. I am not an expert on women, children, love, religion, or history- so I keep my mouth shut when those topics come up in conversations less I get myself into trouble.
                  Radicals, on the other hand believe that only they can be right. The thought that they might be wrong does not enter into their maniacal plans- else the insanity that corrupts their mind and thoughts would decrease just enough for them to understand that they are wrong.

                   Should animals be treated better? Most definitely! Should we, as humans, experiment on them? Most definitely not!
                   Does your age, race, ethnic origin, gender, or any other measurable difference make you or I less than the other? No.

            Do my beliefs supersede your right to believe what you want to believe? No.

            Neither do your beliefs have greater value than my beliefs. 

                   Several of my students asked me, "Why are you a Christian?" "Why do you not believe the Quran?"  I have read both, as well as the Talmud, the Buddhist Shakras, the Taoist babbles, the missing scrolls, and hundreds of other religious texts in preparation for writing an expose book on religions. The book was so honest and open that more than 200 religious publishing agents turned it down.
                    I have studied religious documents back to 300 BC and nothing in them says that God has changed since he (it) created this universe. Nothing in any religious document gives anyone, including the mentally ill fanatical fundamentalists the right to kill, torture, raid, pillage, rape, murder, hold hostage, kidnap, or otherwise terrorize their fellow man, woman, or child.

                    Just as I am a kind, benevolent adviser and teacher, our creator is a kind and benevolent creator that does not honor murder or violent acts committed without his consent.

                     I believe and accept that God has forgiven my sins and will continue to forgive me of my sins (acts against God's Ten Commandments). I believe that I will spiritually enter into the kingdom of heaven when I die.
                     The main difference between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity is that we no longer live under the law of the ten commandments, but by he grace of God almighty.

                       Even though I believe that I have received eternal salvation from God, I will not try to kill you to get you to believe it, --- for such is against the will of God.