Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Go Away Crooked Hillary Clinton and Those Who Bought Votes and Rigged United States Primary Elections!!

                  An admission of guilt from the friend of Hillary Clinton (namely Elizabeth warren) said it all. "The system is rigged," she said. Acknowledging that the Democratic Party was not really dedicated to being democratically operated.
                  After being exposed by international hero Julian Assange and Wikileaks, the Democratic National Committee of the United States as fraudulent and rigged against a socialist Bernie Sanders, the political party chairman resigned, but was immediately hired by the political campaign who bought her soul for thirty pieces of silver. Debbie Wasserman-the former chairman and Hillary Clinton are birds of a feather in what has become the most crooked, stinky, polluted election system in the United States.
                  The undemocratic party is the same corrupt incompetent bunch of idiots that brought the United States its worst president since Woodrow Wilson. For the United States to continue down the path of socialism (government sponsored) would create a financial disaster for the world. Having recently pulled socialist Greece off of the economic cliff twice already, we here are not impressed with the fraud and political corruption of the American political system.