Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Great Brexit Con Game of 2016 - Who Would Have Thought?

                   Sitting back watching the politicians in the kingdom of disarray (formerly the United Kingdom), defile themselves over the simple question of whether or not their country will finally stop bellyachin about the European Union and join the Eurozone already.
                   Tired of sitting on the fence the Prime Minister stepped in crap and got the country riled up over nothing again. The fact of the matter is that this is all a scam by the United Kingdom to garner more favorable trade and economic terms in the current treaty.
                   There is no legal way to exit the European Union- NONE. At least not under the current treaty, and it is doubtful that a unanimous vote can be garnered to obtain a graceful exit. A Brexit, like the attempted GREXIT is a con job of monumental proportions. A parlor joke played by the United Kingdom on the rest of the European Union- they should be ashamed!
                    Even after negotiating better economic treatment terms and political status in the European Union and ensuring that essentially nothing will be changed for the next several years, Britain will still hold a symbolic vote to demonstrate their displeasure with the politicians of their fellow European Union member states.
                    In 2012 Greece attempted the same gambit and it failed. Under the Treaty of Lisbon and its predecessor, the Treaty of Maastriche there is no exit strategy to legally exit the European Union.  And that's a good thing. The European Union took decades to assemble, and should not be taken lightly. At present, there are 28 member states with eight memberships in various stages of acquisition.
                     After successfully blackmailing the European Commission into making changes in the Treaty of Lisbon, PM David Cameron now desires Britain to remain in the European union. Talk about being two faced! Instead of doing what was best for the entire European Union and Europe as a whole, Britain coerced its trade partners into a deal that is self-serving and destabilizing of the European Union's economic future.
                     If the politicians would stay the hell out of the mix, the European Union would become the 3rd largest economic power in the world instead of being 28 selfish countries trying to compete with one another.