Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The BREXIT- Let's Talk About Family!

This weekend, against my advice, the United Kingdom (sans Scotland and Northern Ireland) voted to exit the European Union on a lark posited by their dislike of PM David Cameron. With what began as a challenge from within his own political party, PM Cameron has finally answered the question- "Is England a pro European Union country?" Well, it appears that the workers united against Cameron's two faced negotiations with the European Union leaders earlier this year.

The BREXIT was due to Cameron's failure to control his own political party. Had Cameron informed his countrymen that the immigration issue was a Human Rights issue that would result in greater harmony between the various cultures in the United Kingdom, the BREXIT would have never happened. If David Cameron was an honorable man- he would apologize to the people of the United Kingdom and the European Council. The responsibility for the BREXIT squarely rides on his incompetent shoulders. It seems that no one else has the guts to say the truth to his face but me.

Moving on---  The European Union should take a vote of confidence from each country represented- all remaining 27 countries- in the eventual unification of the European Union into one sovereign nation.

Then--- The European Union should immediately extend membership to Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. This will add these countries to the membership this year. After all, they are desirous of membership NOW!. So invite them already. If they split from the United Kingdom, then so be it.

Next--- Request the exit of David Cameron from the PM's office so that the remaining European Union member states (including the future member states) can begin establishing stability.

Then--- appoint a negotiating team (without Merkel) to bring the United Kingdom to the table.

Since Cameron wants to blame everyone else instead of accepting responsibility for his incompetence as a leader, make it clear that the European Union does not share his views, but also make it clear that he alone should receive any disdain from the EU, and not the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Negotiations should be completed this year on every front. The negotiations MUST be fair and MUST not punish the United Kingdom or its citizens. The door MUST be open to future membership or a referendum for the United Kingdom to rejoin the European Union.

The European Union should move all financial institutions to Brussels, Belgium from London. This will provide stability to the ECB and the European Union as a whole. Considering the fact that England was never completely a European Union country at its heart, the loss of its ability to obstruct the unification process only leaves Merkel as the remaining obstruction to a United European Union.

United European Union vote --- should be held in January 2017 over the objections of Germany and Merkel. It is time to step up and declare your loyalty to become the first "true democracy" in history and adopt the EU Constitution that I have previously proposed in 2012 and again in 2013.

Great Britain should remain in NATO, but the extent that they remain in the single market will depend on individual negotiations and concessions that they are willing to make to the remaining EU members.

Market stability in the short term will be handled nicely by banking brakes, but the long term will be determined on how balanced and friendly the negotiations between the remaining member states and the United Kingdom.

Therefore, I must reiterate my previous advice which caused the European Union win the Nobel Peace Prize- be nice to one another! You will need one another in the future.

Mark R. Winkle CEO and Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability