Friday, April 29, 2016

Why We Are in the Top Ten Economists in the World List

Unfortunately for Keynesian Economists, the best way to recover from en ECONOMIC DEPRESSION, which despite the paid-off news outlets version, we were not in a recession. RECESSIONS DO NOT LAST NINE YEARS!  DEPRESSIONS DO LAST A LOT LONGER THAN recessions.

Keynesians like to spend other people's money. The true path to economic and financial success is to reduce your debt, reduce the interest rates, reduce your level of spending. Unfortunately, the United States Federal Reserve is not a government agency, but assinine bankers that like to charge interest, and live off of the sweat of others.

The moronic financial advisers at the New TYork Times had it all wrong. Now even CNN is singing our tune!

Check out the success that we had with austerity and then restarting the economy in the European Union:

Eurozone economy grew faster than the U.S.

CNN Money 11 hours ago    April 29, 2016 Boom! Europe is back. At least for now. The eurozone economy grew 0.6% in the first three months of the year compared to the previous quarter, easily outpacing both the U.S. and the U.K. Growth was double the pace of the previous six months, and way better than expected. Economists were forecasting expansion of about 0.4%. (U.S. GDP grew by 0.5% but more like 0.1% if calculated in the same way as the Eurozone data.) Spain and France delivered much more robust growth than expected. And unemployment in the eurozone fell to 10.2% in March, the lowest since 2011. Europe is getting a lift from ultra cheap money, low energy prices, a rebound in consumer spending, and government support for refugees.

While the US Federal Reserve was sitting on its assets, and trying to hide its debts, the European Union handed over its economic data to me carte blanche and said, "Please fix this mess!" and I did, with the guidance and wisdom of God Almighty.


The award money will be well spent helping food pantries streamline their services to help them survive long term.

I do a massive amount of research before I post anything. I look at everything before I advise governments to make changes to their economies.

If Greece would fire the more than 85,000 government employees that I have proven that they do not need, their economy would recover much faster.

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God is good. Now, go do some god for someone else today.

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