Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fixing Asia's Economic and Political Woes - The Long Road to Democracy

              China has been on my mind for several years. The political and economic uncertainty that surrounds China is complex, but worth discussing. This, by no means is an exhaustive discussion of the political and economic failures of the second largest society on this planet.
              The number one problem in China is the communist regime that is finally losing control of the country. In the long run, just as it happened with the former Soviet Union of forced labor, forced communism, and spoon fed economics, China will politically and economically collapse in the next ten years if the Communist Party does not step aside and allow democratic elections.
               In China, nothing happens economically without the corrupt Communist Party leaders in each community taking a bribe to allow commerce to be done between private citizens. Freedom of Speech is not observed, nor is a true freedom of any of man's Natural Rights that are openly recognized by all but the most draconian of societies such as China, Singapore, and North Korea.
                Singapore’s government limits political and civil rights—especially freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and association—using overly broad legal provisions on security, public order, morality, and racial and religious harmony.
                China's government limits freedom of expression, political and civil rights, peaceful assembly, freedom of religion, free speech, and freedom of travel imprisoning those that oppose political leaders or Communist Party members. Citizens in China can even be evicted and ostracized from their own homes and families by party members.
                North Korea's requirement that L'il Kim be recognized as a (ha!ha!ha!) ahem, God, ha! Ha! HA! demonstrates just how backwards this country is. Its leader orders any opposition to his  demagoguery to be killed, too chicken to complete the task himself. Human and civil rights are non-existent in North Korea. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Travel, Freedom to do nearly anything is forbidden or limited due to the mental instability of its leader.
                Russia does not afford its citizens with the rights of Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, or Freedom of Travel either. In his attempt to force Russian citizens back into Communism, Putin has caused the economic collapse of his own country. SAnctions will remain in place and may be added to if Crimea is not returned to Ukraine this year (2016).
                The economies of these closed society countries have suffered greatly as a result of their poor leadership and lack of democracy. When a country values its citizens enough to grant them the basic human rights that Jean-Jacques Rousseau spoke of in his Social Contract treatise written in 1762. Rousseau wrote, "Let us then admit that force does not create right, and that we are obliged to obey only legitimate powers", which is to say, the ability to coerce is not a legitimate power, and there is no rightful duty to submit to it. A State has no right to enslave a conquered people."

             Rousseau also said, "When the government exceeds the boundaries set in place by the people, it is the mission of the people to abolish such government, and begin anew."

                    This is exactly what happened two years ago in Ukraine. A corrupt government, backed by communist leader Putin marionetted the former president of Ukraine, until the citizens overthrew the government and democratically elected new leaders. Until Asia's citizens grow stones large enough to cast off their corrupt governments, the economies of China, Singapore, and North Korea will not recover for any length of time.
                     The only way that these Asian countries' economies will be fruitful long term is if the current governments step aside and democratic elections are held on the local, regional, and national levels. 

                      Note from the author: Historically, whenever an oligarchy or a dictator thwarts the will of the people, the repressed populous rebels by causing a stagnation of the economy. 

                      I look for regime changes in China, North Korea, Singapore, Russia, Syria, Cuba, Eritrea, and other socially backwards countries in the next four years. 

Founder- Mark Winkle
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability


Russia Economic Growth

March 8, 2016
The Russian economy is expected to stay in recession at least until Q3 2016. Analysts surveyed this month by FocusEconomics expect GDP to contract 1.1% this year. This month’s forecast was cut by 0.3 percentage points from last month’s projection as weakness in oil prices and geopolitical tensions weigh on the outlook. For 2017, analysts see the economy recovering gradually to a 1.3% expansion.
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