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The Social Destruction Caused by the Equality Movement - Women's Liberation, Abortionists, LGBT, Transgender, and Specieists Alike

The Social Destruction Caused by the Equality Movement

In the early 1970s in the United States, an idea was born that has brought social ruin around the world, a cancer that has spread so far and wide that it is destroying the social fabric of the world. The evil that I am speaking of is the very thought that any two people are equal or should be treated as if they are equal in any way, shape, or form. Each of us has a unique body, intelligence, a unique set of life events, and a unique set of events that caused our very existence to come into fruition. How can any of us demand to be equal to one another? Were we born all to wealthy parents who had received the same education? Were we all fed the same food or delivered at the same hospital? Did we receive the same level of pre-natal medical care? Did we come from the same families, the same backgrounds, the same environments, or the same mother and father? No, we did not. As a result, we are not, and never will be equal to one another. We should be given equal opportunity, but the two are not one and the same. Equality is a myth.
Some of are smarter, taller, shorter, fatter, skinnier, addicted, not addicted, spendthrifts, skinflints, greedy, selfish, generous or in between somewhere in every aspect of our personalities, thoughts, and lives. But, the equality movement would shove us all into the same meat grinder and make us all clones of one another, thinking, acting, performing the same tune, singing the same words, mimicking the myth that everyone should be equal.
On this planet there are an innumerable number of ever changing, ever evolving species, and no two of any of those species or their members are equal in any way. So, why should there be equality in the human race?
While I would like to place the blame on the weaker sex of our species, namely women, this fiasco of an attempt at social engineering has also been contributed to by weak willed men as well. Those who have cowed under the pressure of emotional harassment by their wives, sisters, mothers, and or lady friends must share the blame. Those who do not believe in a higher moral authority, or only mouth such allegiance to be seen as part of the crowd are as much to blame as any of the aforementioned ne'er do wells in the destruction of the fabric of the world's social construction.
The greatest amount of damaged caused by this failed attempt at social engineering by those who were so unhappy with their lot in life that they plotted against God and the rest of their fellow humans, is the damage to the children of the world. When a child sees their role models participating in immoral activities, that child learns that the once banned activity is “okay” and “acceptable” behavior, unless you are caught. While there was always a certain amount of youth challenging authority before the 1970s, with the equality movement, those boundaries have become fluid. Children now believe that they are in charge, and in some families, they are in charge. Unfortunately, this level of acquiescence gives way to a completely different set of anti-social behavior that eventually leads to the institutionalization of the child, either as a minor or as an adult. Children and adults need moral boundaries, else a moral society becomes an anarchy, where the strongest win by brute force and everyone else becomes enslaved as a result.
The usual end of any negotiation for power in the event of a war of wills is near equality, but never total equality. While the equality movement has socially and morally plundered this planet with their demands for total equality, I wonder if they are ready to accept the consequences. If everyone were equal, in every way, this would be a horrifically dull world to live in. Every view of everything would be the same. We would be robots swimming in a morally decrepit cesspool circling the drain of history, collapsing inwardly upon one another as we strive to be one iota different than someone else. Many other societies before ours in the history of this planet have self-destructed under the weight of social equality. Will ours be next? Is it too late to turn back the clock? I do not think it is. The destruction must be undone, social and moral rules must be re-established and enforced, and the door must be left open for those who desire to remain anti-social to enter back into our society. But, the time to take back our society is now. We cannot wait for legislation. We cannot wait for court rulings. It must begin with you in your own home, in your job, in your workplace, in your schools, and in your places of worship. If you fail to set boundaries for socially acceptable behavior, you will have contributed to the end of our society. Others will see your actions, whether for or against social and moral rules as permission to do likewise.
The wave of destruction caused by the equality movement is worse than any natural disaster in history and has eroded the very fabric and social conscience of every person on this planet. Drug abuse is rampant, violent crime is out of control, sex trafficking and human trafficking are at historically high points in history, property crimes are at all time highs, the social and cultural divisions that were once closing have been blown apart by the unreasonable and unreachable demands of the equality movement.
In the United States and around the world, abortion (the murder of unborn children) continues as a result of the equality movement. The sanctity of marriage has been shattered by the equality movement whose members forced their own immoral views upon the judges of the United States, whose own sons and daughters were members of the equality movement. As a result, the blood of the death of our society is on the hands of every member of the equality movement, and they are hated by those who hold themselves to be socially and morally correct.
Families have been destroyed by the equality movement as more than 80% of all divorces are filed by women due to their “feelings” of financial inequality. Most marriages are ended by women, not because that are treated poorly, that they do not love the person that they are married to, but due to the fact that they believe that they should have an equal say and equal authority in how the household money is spent. What this has led to however, is an increase of single parent households, the majority of those being run by women, now having gained custody of their children as part of the equality movement's ideals that women make better parents. The newly single mother now must be both mother and father to her brood, a consequence that was never planned or expected. The family income cut by more than 60% in most cases, creates a financial poverty within the household and the roots of rebellion of the children are planted deeply in the first few months.
The lack of a central authority figure, namely the father, leads to anarchy when the mother of these now paternally neglected children is at work or elsewhere. In society, we try to regain a balance in our lost social structure. Similarly, the somewhat abandoned child, whose mother selfishly abandoned her marriage in search of equality, leaves her children alone or with other adults more frequently as time goes on. The abandoned child seeks out the comfort of likewise abandoned children, and begins to dissociate themselves from their single parent's household, seeing it as a temporary situation that will resolve itself when they become adults. As the abandoned child turns to his peers for comfort and moral values they become more influenced by their peers and accept the actions of their peers as socially and morally acceptable behavior.
The abandoned children, as a result of their mother's betrayal of her marriage vows find themselves without a moral compass to follow. As a result, they act out against the very society that openly permitted their mother to abandon them at the same time that she abandoned her marriage. Having sought out similarly abandoned children, they form youth gangs, break law, lie, cheat, steal, commit acts of violence against one another and others, commit rape, sexually abuse one another, commit murder, become promiscuous, and involve themselves in a culture of drugs and alcohol in the attempt to ease the pain of being abandoned by their mother or by both parents. . If they are caught violating society's laws, they are entered into the judicial circus, having no moral compass to guide them, they act out against the authority of the court. They are then either returned to their youth gang, as their mother further distances herself from them, or they are held for a period of time with other law breaking abandoned children. The father of the child, having little contact with them, with the exception of court permitted visits, which the child can easily opt out of, are left to either fight a losing battle for custody of their errant child or to watch their child's life disintegrate one day at a time until neither child nor father recognize one another. The respect having gone from the parental relationship between mother and father, the child is given the choice of respecting one or neither of his parents.
The abandoned child, having no moral or social compass and only their peers and their inner conscience to guide them are placed at risk by the very person that promised to always love them in the name of equality. These abandoned children are destined to repeat the cycle of abandoning their own children unless they receive and accept moral and social guidance.
Having destroyed one marriage by her greed and desire for power, the divorced mother now faces a life on her own as few men will marry a woman with children. They will never fully trust a woman who filed for divorce against her husband. This level of mistrust will gradually eat away at any feelings of joy, happiness, compatibility, and sexual attraction within the first few years of marriage dooming yet another marriage to an untimely death as a result of her continued desires for equality.
Another way that the equality movement has affected the relationships between men and women can be seen during the courtship rituals begun by males to woo the favor of a chosen female. As a result of the equality movement, an elephant have now been brought into every female- to- male interaction, that being sexual harassment, which can be claimed successfully by most females and by very few males if an attracted male talks to, asks about, engages in horseplay with, asks out on a date, or even writes a note to any female, regardless of her initial response.
This singular ability of any female to claim sexual harassment, even if she was the initiator has had a chilling effect on the number of marriages throughout the world and has caused the age that a female in the United States is first married to climb into her early thirties. The two tiered effect of seeking equality and claiming sexual harassment limits her to few mating partners, distances her from her male work counterparts, and even estranges her from her fellow female coworkers who no longer trust her as being emotionally stable and capable of performing the task of working as a team member.
The equality movement, having ruined the moral compass of many millions of children given permission to mothers to murder their own children, provided the means to opt out of marriage, destroyed the acceptable social rules of romance and engaging the opposite sex in courtship, has moved on to attempt to destroy marriage itself as a safe haven for people to co-exist in. Socially and morally, marriage is between a man and a woman, not a person of the same sex. It can never be, and will never be socially and morally acceptable for marriage to be between same sex couples regardless of any court rulings. The moral compass inside every homosexual person tells them that their socially and morally aberrant behavior is immoral. The mere fact that such behavior must be hidden from their family and friends should give them pause and conscience guilt that their behavior is morally repugnant and unacceptable to mankind as a whole.
Further agendas of the morally and socially corrupt equality movement is the acceptance and provision of equality to those who choose to medically, but not genetically change their outward gender appearance, their insides still remaining the gender they were born with.
The lack of male role models in the private and public school classrooms is a direct cause of the equality movement's attempt to remove males from positions of influence and authority and replace them with liberal minded females. In the United States less than four percent (4%) of elementary and middle school teachers are male. At the high school level, the percentage is 50-52% male to female, so why the disparity? In order to indoctrinate our children with their lessons of liberal minded psycho babble, our children are forced to be surrounded by female administrators, female principals, female teachers, female teaching assistants, all hired by female personnel directors who overwhelmingly discriminate against male teachers in their hiring practices. The true agenda of the equality movement is to undermine male authority figures whenever and wherever they can. This is the main reason why background checks were forced upon school employees and other government agencies.
How far will the equality movement go in trying to make everyone and everything equal to one another? That depends upon you and what your moral compass tells you. The time to decide is now, before the equality movement decides for you that your thoughts, goals, dreams, finances, relationships, job, and personal belongings must be equal to those of everyone else in the world. It is time to set the equality movement back into time and to once again be guided by a social and moral compass based on well established historical and religious principles. If 90% of the world believes in a higher moral authority, then let us take back this world from the equality movement and turn back time whether by constitutional amendments, or by changing laws and attitudes. The future of your children and grandchildren depend on ridding ourselves of the menace of the morally and socially corrupt equality movement once and for all. If our society is to survive, we must rid ourselves of the idea of equality and accept our place in society where our creator has made room for us. Equality is an immoral idea. We were never meant to be equal to one another, but special and unique creations. How far we have strayed from our original purpose. Where does it end? When do we stop desiring what someone else is or has? Where are we going to be satisfied with our individual lot in life and stop coveting our neighbor? The search and the fight for equality is an evil from Satan and has broken our world's social and moral codes. It is time to stop and be happy with what God gave us and with where he put us in this world.

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