Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Greed Cycle of Economics, Oil Price Cycles, Regime Changes

        If you take a look at the various country economic indicators, you will see that economies are in flux as of recent. While some countries are in balance, others are becoming unstable as a result of one crooked regime taking the place of yet another greedy crooked regime. In other words, life goes on as usual. A little instability is healthy, while a lot of instability can cause a ripple effect throughout the world's economies.
        While beginning the recovery from the 2007 European fiscal collapse, we worked with world leaders and institutions to control the effect of our actions. Once the right people were in place we could ease Europe from debtor states to more positive balanced economic models. Considering the fact that a majority of EU country's debts were owed to one another, once the FSB was established by the Eurobank and funds were made available, confidence was substantially restored. The funds were never needed or even requested. Mere market psychology and calm minds saved the day.  The economies of the world are gradually recovering economically and politically from the grips of the oil barons and bankers and political capital is returning to nearly every citizen who has become tired of being a pawn in the games of the 1%.
         I believe that oil will go down to a price of $8 per barrel for a period of time. My previous forecast of $25 per barrel is near and prices are still falling. Greed is rampant throughout the industry. Debts will go unpaid. Corrupt greedy oil baron and their banker friends will be torn asunder by the dearth of low prices. Those who caused the economic collapse of 2007- 2015 will be surrendered to the masses as sacrifices at the altar of greed. They will consume one another's properties one by one until the debts go unsatisfied. The end of oil is not yet come, but in another fifty years, very little oil will be consumed compared to the present day levels of consumption. As coal once was king, oil too, will collapse as new technology replaces the need for fossil fuels. The time for Hydrogen fueled homes and cars has come. It is time to free citizens from the shackles of big electric and natural gas companies, big oil companies, and tech companies and enter into an era of  need, not greed so that the world's economies can become balanced and the survival needs of everyone can be met.
           As I forecasted several months ago, the price of oil is collapsing under the weight of the budgets of oil rich countries who have overspent. They have leveraged the value of the known oil reserves against future unproven reserves and now the piper must be paid.
          As greed increases, other moral values also decline. The immoral decadence of the oil empires will cause their economic collapse as the lust for power consumes them. Consider Russia's foolhardy threat of nuclear war over sanctions that were a response to their armed aggression (and continued interference) in Ukraine.
          II Samuel 1:14, 25 reads "14Then David said to him, "How is it you were not afraid to stretch out your hand to destroy the LORD'S anointed?" 25"How have the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle!
          God will chasten whom he wills and those that have held others economically hostage these past twenty years will be thrown down by the masses and the earth will swallow them up. So, get ready for change oil barons. Cheap oil is here to stay until you get right with God. Your continuing pattern of greed, lust, debauchery, and defiling the word of God is not being tolerated any longer.
          Years ago, when I was but a teenager, I met what was the financially wealthiest man in the world, John Kenneth Galbraith. He was financially wealthy, but morally bankrupt. He told me that "he only saw his children "about three or four times a year" because they only needed him for his money." He had recently lost a deal that cost him 19 million, but was unfazed. He said to me, "I have many fires going at the same time, and given time, someone will make a mistake and I will capitalize on their mistake and make back more than I lost yesterday." So cold and calculating was he that my blood ran cold and my spirit ached to be around such an all consumed man that was so blinded by greed and power that he had no personal relationships to speak of. He said that he intended to dine alone on the upcoming holiday as he had not been invited to any of his children's homes. It was sad to leave him by himself in all of his moral misery. I prayed for him and told him that he need a personal relationship with Jesus, but he just laughed and said that "God was a myth created by the poor to make the wealthy feel guilty."  I wonder who is laughing now?
           So, go on and accumulate all the wealth and riches you desire, but remember, the price is your eternal soul.     
            I predict a unified European Union under one banner, one constitution, one currency, within the next five years. By 2017, the world will have become more economically unstable and friendly nations will come together to save one another from being plundered. As old guard politicians fall by the wayside, new freedoms will be claimed and the tyranny we now live under as a result of the planned attacked by the United States government (or part of it) on the World Trade Center and the resultant Patriot Act will be removed, torn into shreds. The wealthy will succumb to their own lusts and will be removed.
              I predict the collapse of Vladimir Putin's reign in Russia within the next two years and the institution of a democracy, unfortunately, a republic style not unlike our own , but baby steps. The Russian citizens will take the cue from NATO and overthrow the terrorist regime and its hierarchy in Russia and other communist countries.
               It is time for our planet to enter a Millennium of Peace and Understanding.  Those that will not live in peace will be consumed by their own weapons until they see reason and work with the rest of the world to live in peace and harmony.


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