Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's Time to END U.S. Copyright Law

              It is time to remove the United States Copyright Act and its tyranny over information and human progress once and for all. Thoughts, whether spoken or written down, are not generated for the sole benefit of the thinker. They are given to you by our creator to benefit all of mankind. If Jonas Salk kept his discovery of the Polio vaccine to himself, where would we be? If Thomas Jefferson and the framers of the United States Constitution  kept their thoughts to themselves, there would be no United States.. If Benjamin Franklin kept his thoughts to himself, there might not be any libraries, no Internet, no access to information in a collected place.
              Rational people do not hide information that is beneficial to others and society as a whole, insane people do. It is the mentally unstable minded person that assumes that God gave only them the answers to the questions that trouble mankind. We need to evolve as a people around the world, and to work with each other, without thought of benefiting our own selfish desires, and as a result, make this world a better place for everyone to live in. Only then can we say that we are world citizens.
             Some of of our world's best minds have been needlessly prosecuted throughout the history of mankind because they thought "outside of the box," and that really pissed off those greedy, selfish bastards that strive to imprison knowledge, as if thoughts can be stymied by mere men. A man has the need to speak their mind, to remove their right to openly say or think what they want, to act on those thoughts, to benefit mankind as a whole as a result of those actions, should be tantamount to  sitting at the right hand of God Almighty himself. For who do we think gives us our thoughts? Do we, as rational, thinking, people somehow believe that we created the heavens and the Earth? Do we then believe that we can break what we did not create? Can we fix what we cannot break? No!!
             We have been given the gifts of knowledge and intelligence to create a more orderly, beneficial world for everyone. The fact that the country that champions itself as the provider of the greatest amount of free speech also is the same country that conceals and protects the most information is abhorrent and paradoxical in nature. Here in the United States, the rights of free speech are dwindling every day under the tyranny of greedy, selfish people who are so near- sighted that they believe that society and God will not remove them from their obstructive paths to create a world that provides equal access to information and knowledge to everyone that seeks it.
          I, myself have written extensively to many governments and world leaders and shared my ideas on how to create a more financially stable world economy. I have offered the United Nations a Resolution to make financially benefiting human slavery aka trafficking a life sentence crime and to remove funding from any country that fails to enact and prosecute the international human rights laws, such as India, China, Russia, the Balkan states, the United States, and a hundred other countries where human trafficking, prostitution, and indentured servitude are still permitted.
         I have advised and consulted with Environmental groups on the Garbage Island and helped them reach a strategy to work together to solve this ever increasing problem. I developed the Hazardous Waste Health Survey and donated it to the world's environmental organizations. Since 1993, it has been used as a baseline for Toxic Tort litigation. I have donated works of poetry, literature, podcasts, and videos to the world at large in the attempt to make this world a better place for everyone to live in.
          I have placed books on Creative Commons, have placed research papers I have written on concerning ESL students and also on Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking. I have done my part, without reservation to solve the world's problems. What have you done? I ask each of you reading this to email it to your email contact list and ask them to do the same.
           Intellectual property is a myth, and the exercise of that myth creates a temporal reality where we prosecute others for excising their rights of free access to documents produced with government money (through a web of influence) and we therefore, limit the benefits to our society as a whole to a few corporations who have the gall to believe that they run this planet. It is time to take back what God has given mankind from the greedy bastards that would attempt to limit access to knowledge given to mankind ad to make every scrap of information available to everyone, and let God decide what happens next. The future of mankind stands in the balance.
             You might think this is radical, but remember, the world is not flat as some people believed, and have since been proven wrong. To limit access to information creates a multi-level tyranny of knowledge that is unsustainable. The Computer Fraud and Access Act would not be necessary, and is, by the way unconstitutional, as it limits free speech in so many ways that I hazard to even begin to list them all. It should have been named the "Protect the Greedy Bastards Act" instead, because that's what it does. It limits access to information and knowledge from those that cannot afford to pay for it, despite the fact that each of us have already paid for the creation of that information through our taxes, through our use of the Internet, through the creation, use, and purchase of the materials and merchandise that provide the building blocks of the Internet and our world as it presently is.

              Follow my logic here:

I love chocolate. I buy chocolate from a variety of retail operations, who pay their employees, who pay taxes. The retailer pays taxes on their sales and net income. As a result, goods and merchandise are purchased, government employees and others are employed to create and build a transportation infrastructure to enable the suppliers of the raw cocoa beans to market and then to the chocolatiers and then back to my local retailer. Cocoa beans were provided by God, or any other higher power you desire to name, but the cocoa farmer/plantation owner did not create the cocoa beans. We should however, permit the plantation owner to benefit from his custodial care of the cocoa plants and beans, but not interfere with the rights of others to benefit equally or to a greater extent that the custodial caretaker of the original bean (kernel of knowledge). To do so, would be to rob God of the ideas' intended purpose.

 This is what should happen to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act:

It should read, "Here once was an asinine idea sponsored by greedy corporations. It was found to stymie competition, freedom of thought, and freedom of speech,. It was unconstitutional, and went against the core beliefs of our founding fathers. As a result, we did the only honorable thing and deleted it. We sincerely apologize for our arrogance and our lack of vision."

That's right! It should be deleted in its entirety.

Should corporations benefit from the ideas, thoughts, and creations of their employees? Yes. They already have. They live on this planet, have jobs that hopefully benefit society, live in house, have families, have access to water, food, clothing, and they benefit from giving back to all of us and sharing with all of us what God and the universe has given them.

Do you wonder why we are not farther along as a civilization than we are? The limiting of the access of information by the first cave man that discovered how to "make fire" demonstrated that sharing knowledge benefits everyone around the world. I don't think that Ug or Og charged to ow others how to make fire. We should not limit the access of information to a chosen few. That is not what God intended when he allowed us to be born.

It is time to tear down the U.S. Copyright Acts and its subsequent protective legislation and open the doors to a society that exists to benefit everyone despite color, creed, race, or social status.

It's time to take back America from the corporations and give it back to every citizen!!

If you are with me, write me at  and put Copyright Act Death in the heading.