Sunday, November 1, 2015

Crimea Must Be Returned to Ukraine This Year!

                 As a matter of international law, Russia continues to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine by illegally occupying Crimea and holding its citizens hostage against their will. This must not be permitted to continue, else a precedent for dealing with communist regimes and placating their illegal acts by looking the other way will result in further illegal acts against other countries. It is time for NATO countries to stand together against the tyranny of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

                   Additionally, the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 should be declared an international war crime and those responsible should be tried and convicted. Putin cannot be trusted to keep his promises. He kills his political opposition in his own country.
                   Just like Adolph Hitler, Putin eliminates any opposition to his demagogic authority which comes from Satan, not GOD. Putin wants to be the anti-Christ, but hasn't the backing of his poorly treated military made up of young thugs and miscreants. The lies of Putin stain the once great country of Russia.
                   What to do? If I were the head of NATO, I would give Putin 24 hours to begin removal of all military personnel, weapons, and submarines from Crimean lands. After 24 hours had passed, I would send my amassed troops into Crimea and take it by force if necessary along with all of Eastern Ukraine. All opposition would be crushed. Anyone taking up arms against us would cease to live. It is time for all of mankind to live in peace and recognize the rights of one another. Putin respects no one's rights however, and should be confined for life in prison where animals like him belong. There are no redeeming qualities about the man unfortunately.
                     NATO's refusal to stand up to Putin and to take back Crimea demonstrates how weak willed and mealy mouthed our politicians have become. A fight to the death has begun in Ukraine, and only one side will win. Only then will economic stability be Ukraine's for many years to come.

Mark Winkle, Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

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