Saturday, July 4, 2015

If You Unify, the Problems With Greece Are Manageable

As the consultant who advised the European Union to impose austerity on their citizens, I can state that only Greece with its failure to reinvest the money saved in no interest loans into creating jobs, and enforcing tax collections, has failed in the attempt to right their economy. The worst thing that Tsipras has done is to reinstate unnecessary government employees to their former posts. The retirement system needs to be changed to age sixty five instead of 58, take away the free ride and the socialist dream of a lazy life at the expense of the rest of the European Union fades away. 

Debts must be paid as must the piper. There are no freebies in life, even taking a breath costs you something. Greece needs to suck it up and pay the bill. If they had paid their taxes all along instead of cheating their fellow citizens, this would have never happened. 

Maybe the Eurozone could make an exception and allow Greece to exit the EU and the Treaty of Lisbon,  but unifying the EU is a far better path, and would strip Tsipras and others of their false sense of sovereignty and rebellion against the European Union. 

You are either in or out. There is no half way. 

Mark Winkle
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

             As the voice of reason throughout the past four years that the Eurozone has mostly recovered from, I can honestly state that austerity was a good thing for most Europeans. Spending money that you don't have is folly at best. 
             What needs to happen is for the European heads of state to come to terms and accept as the best course of action the Unification of the European Union member states as a sovereign whole with somewhat sovereign parts. In this world economy, it is essential to work together. We need one another, just as members of families do. Over these past four years, I have taught you much, and learned more than I have taught you. I have advised you from the wisdom and insights that God has provided me and shared this wisdom with you. It has has a profound effect on my faith and on my life. Adopting  the advice has changed the way that the European Union conducts its day to day business. Every country, with the exception of Greece has extensively modified it eccentric behaviors. 
             What I see as Greece's three continuing problems are: the excessive socialist nature of its citizens, the absurd early retirement age, and its failure to change its business model and invest in jobs and education of its citizens. The wasteful acts of Tsipras' reinstating unnecessary government employees, undoing three years of austerity measures which were having a profound positive effect on Greece's debt reduction, has been substantial. The old way of giving away the farm to feed the workers has passed. No longer can hand outs be given within some payment or work effort being made by the recipients. Taxes must be enforced, if not by Greece, then by the European Central Bank, which could buy the debt and seize assets to enforce their payment. The money that the Eurozone has invested in Greece must be spent wisely to create jobs other than wasteful government jobs. Manufacturing jobs must be increased as must import and export jobs. Greece must put its emphasis not on fighting against change, but being at the forefront of change. The old ways of fraud, corruption, and government bribery just do not work in a world economy. 

If you want me to take over running Greece, I will. I have nothing to do for awhile, and I would love to see Europe. All you have to do is ask, and send me a plane ticket and a diplomatic visa to 1354 Ohmer Street; Dayton, Ohio 45410. 

Mr. Tsipras and his ideas of a socialist state are passe and must end. 

Unifying the European Union and creating a national treasury (which would then purchase every member state's debt and enforce the collection of all taxes) would be a great leap towards solving Greece's economic problems and preventing future economic calamities. Think about it. Living in a country where life is good, old hatreds have passed away, a sense of mutual respect and unity becomes a part of every European's daily life. Instead of fighting among yourselves you can work together to solve problems that the world faces. 

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