Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ode to Ohio University

Ode to Ohio University

In your corrupted halls of education,
you strangle the freedom to voice dissent,
upon which this country was founded.
You martyred me at the stake,
and shredded my reputation,
but I exposed you for the frauds that you are.

I took you to the gates of the highest court in the land,
but God almighty stood in my way,
and commanded me to leave you to him instead,
he will judge you most harshly Ohio University.
The lies and insinuations circle around you,
and bind your evil spirits and deeds to you,
your fate is the harshest that man can dream of,
each of you will spend an eternity reliving the lies
and injustices that you sent my way.

I now teach students from nine countries,
without your help in any way, your stamp
of approval is not necessary, as God has lit my way.
You need not fear tomorrow,
lest you see me in the street,
I will not harm one speck on you,
as God will have his way.

The torment that you face,
the vilest place you will live,
far from the master's table,
no water or grace will be given you.
Your evil deeds towards me,
sought to destroy my soul,
instead they bind your lips,
and burn your eternal soul.

I tried to get you to see reason,
to allow me to speak my piece,
but so narrow minded are your female professors,
that only their own opinions would they take,
Ohio University, I lament your eternal damnation,
as a wasted place of education,
your students accomplish nothing for this world,
except to study new ways of libation.

Gone are the high ideals that once formed your purpose,
money now is your goal,
Throw out those who disagree with us!”
is now your motto for those whose lives you've stole.
Gone are the proud days of free speech,
gone are the constitutional freedoms,
it is our way or the highway,
So off to teach another student I go.
I wash my filthy hands of you,
and discard your university into the trash,
where it came from, and where it will end.

I have wasted too much of my time,
concerned with what Ruggieri and others thought about me,
I know my purpose and my goal,
and your university and its corruption,
have only damaged itself,
with its liberal and backward thinking,
Ohio University's role is shrinking.
It is no longer a place of education,
but a place of frustration, fear, and loathing.

Those who attend your once hallowed halls,
desire to be treated as equals,
but this will never happen- your gates are closed
to those who are not the right color, shape, size,
gender, and height that you desire them to be.
You openly discriminate against those you despise,
by damaging their self-esteem and their GPA,
You strive to remove them like burrs on a tweed jacket,
but they cling to life and survive,
despite your efforts to kill their spirits,
and their love of learning.

Since I left your tattered halls of corruption,
from which you said, “You're not good enough!,”
I have authored thirteen books, two online blogs,
and over ninety papers on a variety of topics.
I have helped prevent World War III,
I have helped Europe get back on its feet.
I have advised world leaders,
I have scraped the shit of Ohio University from off of my shoes,
and moved on.

I will no longer fear what others think about me,
or care what others say,
I am in charge of my eternal future,
Rather than waste my time with the corrupt,
incompetent and socialist Supreme Court
of this land, I throw you at the feet of the
creator of this universe, and ask him to
dispense justice upon you for eternity.
May God have mercy on your souls,
you are no longer my concern.
I shall waste no more time with you,
you are not worthy of my esteem, my time, or my thoughts.

Mark Winkle (1959- )
Christian Author, Consultant to World leaders, a nice guy

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