Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Putin Hides Like Scared Chicken After He Orders Murder of Political Opponent; Finally Comes Out of Hiding, Fearing For His Life

               Vladimir Putin finally came out of hiding today after a ten day absence and charges that he had yet another political opponent murdered two weeks ago. So desperate is the Russian leader for approval that the only way that he can keep control of his economically collapsing country is to buy votes and spectators to appear on his behalf.
                Reports from Moscow are that Putin left soon after ordering the murder of his long time political opponent and having the KGB coerce confessions out of two gunmen, who were working for the KGB. Reports also indicate that Putin is so desperate for a show of support for his illegal criminal acts in Ukraine that he has ordered the payment of 40,000 people to attend celebrations of the conquest of Crimea.
                As reported here last year, Putin recently divulged in an interview that he pre-planned the invasion of Crimea. The fact that the invasion was premeditated does not surprise me, as I knew that Putin was lying all along. Putin somehow believes that his recent military war games will intimidate the European Union and NATO to back off of renewed sanctions, but the facts that he recently had a political opponent murdered and that he pre-planned a United Nations violation of a sovereign nation provides the evidence necessary to impose additional sanctions to bring this criminal enterprise to its knees. Only then will Putin realize that his crimes will not go unpunished. The punishment needs to fit the crime- Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and deserves to be treated as one. It is unfortunate that he is not man enough to face his accusers, but has decided to hide behind threats of nuclear war, additional invasions of European Countries ala Adolph Hitler style, and thumb his nose at the United Nations as well as the rest of the world.

                  It is time to issue dead bank letters to Russia's top 100 banks and suck the life out of Putin's hot air rebellion. If the European Union does not have the stomach to take this action, they will live to regret the day that they did not cut the head off of this snake. It will come back to bite them again and again, until they become brave enough to stand together against a tyrant a murderer, and a bully all in one sad little man named Vladimir Putin who was never loved as a child, and was recently divorced by his wife after he became impotent.
                    NATO would do well to prepare for multiple point invasions as this snake will not go down without a fight. However, if Russia and the rest of the world is ever to live in peace, this megalomaniac needs to be deposed and neutered once and for all. Russia must not be invaded if at all possible, but all European countries must be protected. It would bode well for all NATO countries to be put on high alert for the next three weeks.
                    Nuclear war is severely doubtful as Putin is a survivor but not an a nihilist. He is bent on the destruction of Russia from within. He has taken Russian citizen's right to free speech, their right to seek redress from their country, their right to democratic elections, their right to free commerce, their right to freedom of religion, their right to be free of tyranny, their right of self-determination, and their right to live in peace. Vladimir Putin's own actions have brought Russia into war with the world- and the world must respond to this tyrant in solidarity by closing the borders with Russia, ceasing trade with Russia, and laying siege to Russia until Vladimir Putin turns himself in to the International Human Rights Criminal Court for prosecution for war crimes committed in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.


                   The response to this celebration must be- NO MORE TYRANTS! Those that commit international crimes must be punished, they must be held accountable. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly lied to the rest of the world, and yet sits there with a shit-eating grin like the Cheshire cat just swallowed the canary- and the United States Military and the European Union are too scared to take care of business, because we elected a HOMOSEXUAL president who is too scared to stand up for what is right, who is too scared to enforce the United Nations Resolutions, and is too scared to man up to an impotent Vladimir Putin. Even Germany, the home of one of the worst international war criminals is scared of impotent Vladimir Putin!

                   In the name of long term peace, when tyrants come to wreak havoc, they must be put down and neutered like the rabid dogs they are. It is not their fault, it is the fault of poor parenting that creates a monster like Vladimir Putin, a heartless, soulless, hollow impotent man. The time of diplomacy is past. It is time for the world to act and to stand together to turn out every dictator in every country, including Freeport-McMoran in West Papua, and the dictator of Eritrea as well. These also must go. Tyrants must never be tolerated as they stifle creativity, cash flow, and kill the heart and soul of the country's citizens who have been so unfortunate to have the dictator plague be cast upon them- and these men are plagues upon the world- and must be removed like the cancers that they are. It is a solemn, but necessary task that needs to be done.

                  Like a scared rabbit, Putin will scurry back to his burrow to hide in the near future, then you must be prepared for war. I have warned you, I have advised you what needed to be done, and you have not heeded my warnings or applied my advice to initiate dead bank letters in the past and place Russia in siege, you chickened out then, and I would bet you will chicken out again and again until another country is invaded and more lives are lost. You have been warned.

                  And no, this will not be the Biblical war you think it will be. Is physical war imminent? No, not if Putin complies with international law and removes all troops, equipment, etc. from Crimea and eastern Ukraine as well as Moldova, and Ossetia. But, I do not believe that Putin wants peace. I believe that in his diseased mind that he thinks he can still create a semblance of the former USSR.

                  Four years ago I told you I would be brutally honest with you in my advice and that you could either accept it or not, the same goes here, but I can tell you that my accuracy is around 98% so far.

                  So, my advice is to issue dead bank letters to Russia's top 100 banks next week, place travel restrictions on travel into and out of Russia, begin to move all diplomatic personnel out of Russia next week, and prepare NATO and your country's troops to defend your borders. The next 160 days will turn the tide of the history of the world.

                  I am open to visits from world leaders at my home, please do not show up unannounced. I will not advise Obama as I do not believe he is competent to lead the United States, nor will I meet with him, as he is an embarrassment to our country and has been for these past many years. I believe that Obama himself has had several political opponents including Andrew Breitbart murdered.

                  Let me leave you with these words uttered by an amputee poet William Ernest Henry (1892):


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

The world need not suffer at the hands of Tyrants, Bullies, or Murderers.

May God have mercy on your souls if you choose to not fight this tyrant and remove him from power and free Russia once and for all from dictated communism.

Mark Winkle
Founder, CEO
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

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