Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Greek Tragedy: Campaign Promises and a Knife in the Back From a Loanshark

                  No one disputes the facts that a majority of Greece's problems are as a cause of their own buy now, pay later lifestyle. They have the most liberal retirement policies, massive overpaid government, and waste money by the bucketful. Let alone the continuing tax fraud, backstabbing, and back room deal making- and that's only what is going on in political circles. Who knows how much chicanery is going on that is not seen or brought out into the light of day?

                   What Greece needs is an old fashion revival. A revival of truth, honesty, and transparency. Greece needs an enema t shite out all of the bad politicians and bankers from its system.

                    As for the Greek debt fiasco going on in the press, this is all politics. Sit down already and stop grandstanding. Come to an understanding that Greece cannot leave the Eurozone, as there is no legal pathway that exists for it to happen- and none is likely to be voted upon unanimously. This is one time that the idiocy of unanimity might save you squabbling children. If I was over there at the Finance Minister's meeting this weekend, I would give you all such an earful!

                    How dare you undo the four years of my work, the work of Mr. Draghi, the IMF, and others with your petty squabbles over money and your personal angst against one another. Your actions are causing peril throughout the free world! Idiots! Morons! Imbeciles! How dare you!

                    Now, sit down and listen to me! What you are going to do is reach politely across the table, shake hands, and apologize for being such snooty bastards. Greece is in trouble. Your fellow countrymen and home of your ancestors is in need. Ease the pain. Help them revive their once brilliant country and restore faith in their government and in the banking system once more.

                     If you lunkheads were not so abhorrent to the idea of a unified European Union (Germany stands in the way), this problem could be resolved by a plural vote of each country's citizens within a month. Want to try democracy at its roots? I dare each country to give its citizen the opportunity to join a United European Union, create a united treasury, move the ECB to Belgium, and win another Nobel Prize for working together- again for the common good.

                    Remember Jon Nash's Game Theory of Equilibrium- Everyone wins- including Greece.
Somewhere along the way you forgot that.

                    A six month extension of the current loan is not unreasonable if the proceeds are used to create jobs and create cash flow in the Greek economy. 

Mark Winkle
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

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