Friday, January 30, 2015

Short Term and Long Term Instabilities That Affect the World's Economies: Winter 2014-2015

                 In Moscow, Russia the weather and the economy are similar to Dayton, Ohio with the exception that Russia is in an economic meltdown and Dayton, Ohio is coming out of an economic depression step by step. This comparison is useful, as I live in Dayton, Ohio and my advice was partially responsible (as well as the guts of the European Union and United States leaders), in placing the onerous (harsh) sanction on Russia for its interference in the sovereignty of Ukraine.
                 For Russia to impose its will upon another country out of spite and then try to rationalize the illegal seizure of part of that country and attempt to force that same country to carve out regions in the eastern part of Ukraine for Russian speaking Ukraine citizens- not Russian citizens by generations mind you, is reprehensible.
                Vladimir Putin has taken a siege mentality and believes that the citizens of Russia believe the propaganda that he and his underlings are spouting over the airwaves. He must truly believe that the average Russian citizen would not stab him in his heart if they walked past him. The truth of the matter is that in every siege there is a victor and many needless deaths that could have been avoided if it were not for the arrogance of the leaders of the soon to be defeated horde.
                 At the present time, Russia has already alienated Belarus, who out of their need for economic survival is trading with the European Union. Putin then ignorantly retaliates against one of a handful of countries that became part of his idiotic Eurasian Union. Having only four members remaining, it will be interesting to see what Vlad will do to raise tensions between the remaining members and Russia.
                 Vladimir Putin is in self-destruct mode and his life is imploding in front of his own eyes. Seeing that his dream of a new Russia will no longer be tolerated by a democracy seeking world, he has resorted to threats and innuendo. The claims that Russia has missiles that can outsmart missile defense mechanisms that are in place is not even worthy of discussion. So why do Russian diplomats continue to bring up the subject of nuclear war? They know that NO ONE CAN WIN A NUCLEAR WAR- so why continue to threaten the world with one?
                 The fact that the threats continue shows just how desperate those in power are of staying in their ivory towers. If you remember what happened before Putin came into power, I believe that the military will overthrow Putin this year and seize control of the government. Only then will rational minds prevail. There is little to nothing that Putin can do to defend himself from  being forcibly removed from office by his own countrymen who are fed up with his tyrannical methods.
                A rational mind would not allow his own countrymen to suffer the upcoming economic hardships that face Russia if the United States delivers DEAD BANK letters to the top fifty banks in Russia, collapsing their banking system altogether. BRICS will not save Russia. The infrastructure alone will take five or more years to complete and the BRICS members still have to maintain trade through strained economic relationships with other countries just to survive.
                Russia's reducing the flow of natural gas to several European countries and attempting to bypass the European Union altogether by routing a pipeline through Turkey, which is well on its way to becoming a member of the European Union itself, is pure folly. Turkey would be required under the Treaty of Lisbon to protect the economies of the other European Union members.
                Mr. Putin, as I see it, there are only two ways out of your present predicament- one is feet first, the other by repentance of your misdeeds and the misdeed of the separatists of eastern Ukraine. We have extended the opportunity for peace, but you think that the world somehow will tolerate a spoiled child become leader who has become emotionally unstable to lead his country anymore and has instead become a threat to himself and the free world. Mr. Putin, you need to come out of the fantasy world that you live in and face the music- bullets are cheap - even in Russia.

                In the negotiations with Russia this weekend I would stand firm with the demands that Russia remove all troops, equipment, etc. from Ukraine, return Crimea to Ukraine, and compensate the relatives of the victims of Malaysian Flight MH17 for the loss of the lives of their relatives. as a result of the use of Russian missiles by separatists against civilians.

                If I were Vladimir Putin, I would kindly step back from my arrogance of yesterday, apologize for my childish acts, return Crimea to Ukraine, remove all Russian military equipment and troops from Ukraine soil, and make amends with the relatives of the victims of Malaysia Flight MH17. But, that is me. I am a man that accepts responsibility for my actions, Vladimir Putin hides behind lies and fabrications of propaganda spun to cover up his faults as a incompetent leader of rubes. When his lies do not work, he threatens his opposition with imprisonment or nuclear war. Well, the curtain is coming down on your show Mr. Putin. It is my belief that you have less than six months to capitulate before Russia's economy implodes and deflation begins. Will the average Russia side with you when a loaf of bread is $90.00 in US currency? I doubt it. I would hide all the silverware in your mansion and resign myself to living in an underground bunker for the rest of my life if I were you. Ten years from now we will say, Vladimir who? You will just be a small stain on the history of the world Mr. Putin, no more than that.

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