Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's Make 2015 the Year of World Peace!

             I have only one resolution to declare, and that is this, "I will be nicer to my enemies than I was last year." I have a truce or take no prisoners attitude when people really tick me off (I cleaned that up just for you, my readers:). Some people I could just shove a sharp stick through, but then I think how shi..y their lives must already be to be hassling such a nice guy like me.
              Already, we have heard overtures of prospective peace between the United States and Cuba, Eastern Ukraine separatists and Ukraine (Kiev), North and South Korea, Boko Haram (on and off again) with Nigeria, and France's President Hollande will be negotiating a successful outcome with Russia (we hope, after all- life is no fun if you are the king of the hill and have no competition), and even Sudan and South Sudan are beginning to show signs of ending their ridiculous war.
              This year, Saudi Arabia has been asked to broker peace negotiations between Israel, Palestine, and Isis and Egypt/Iraq. We might as well throw in Iran, China, the United States peace talks as well.

               In 2014, before the Ukraine debacle- enough blame to go around now, so don't be testy, the world only had three wars going on.

              Wars are destroyers of economies. They destroy the greatest asset that any country on earth has, and that is its citizens, be they mothers, fathers, or children- every country must have citizens, workers, and ugh! even government employees to be successful and to thrive. A war might kill some of your enemy, but on a different day, those same people could be future relatives, neighbors, friends, customers, and yes, even members of your community who play their music too loud.

So, how about it?

Can we lay down our arguments, our petty disagreements, our spite, our religious differences, and just enjoy being alive for once in this planet's history?

Can we decrease the spending on weapons and use that money to improve this world and make it a better place for everyone to live? Can we change our destructive ways and change our attitudes towards one another and see each other as fellow citizens of the same planet and stop fighting these stupid, wasteful territorial wars that arise out of pride and minor differences?

Can we outlaw wars altogether and hold the warring countries accountable at $1 million per non-combatant killed by United Nations mandate?

Can we stop the human bondage, human trafficking by military and United Nations contractors, and VOTE on the United Nation Resolution 2014 A that was submitted on International Human Trafficking last February and buried by three different UN committees since then?

Can we make water and food accessible to every person on the planet as well as medical services and sanitary waste disposal of garbage and human fecal matter, and can we clean up the Garbage Islands already?

We have the technology to interfere with the earth's weather patterns (even though we have no clue as to what we are doing), but we cannot not, or will not provide basic necessities to every person on the planet?

This world needs to change its priorities in 2015 if it is to survive.

Now, my fellow economists, accountants, financial counselors, and advisers have given the world a second chance- a chance to change the way that we conduct ourselves and our financial relationships with one another- we saved your asses over these past three years, but we need assurances that you have learned to work together or fail together.

I, personally spend untold hours every month reading and researching, planning and emailing world leaders to get them to change or just move out of the way. It is a tiresome process to get some of you to cooperate, even when it is in your own and your country's best interest.

I tried to get President Putin to see reason before we killed Russia's economy. There is still time. Crimea must be returned and the Russia speaking citizens can emigrate to Russia along with the eastern Ukraine separatists and their families.

When Crimea is returned to Ukraine and all Russian troops, advisers, and military equipment and support are removed from Ukraine, the sanctions will gradually be lifted- but not until. Taking Crimea captive was Mr. Putin's folly. He can admit his error, or watch as his once proud country disintegrates from within.

I have offered a compromise, but there has been no reply.

The separatists can freely leave Ukraine and enter exile in Russia and take their families with them.

If Crimea is not returned by March, I fear that Russia and the Eurasian Union will collapse entirely and take all five countries with it.

On the other hand, Lithuania joined the Eurozone today and their future is looking brighter.

Happy New Year Planet Earth! May 2015 be the Year of Peace that we have all been waiting for.

Mark Winkle, Founder and CEO
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability

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