Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Let Us Not Be Hasty and Prosecute All Of Islam For the Acts of Three Idiotis Islamists

               In Paris, France, three idiots who could not control their emotions murdered 12 people at Charlie Hebdon magazine. If they knew the truth about the alleged prophet Mohammed, or had even done any research about this mythical "prophet" they would not have hurt anyone.
              The truth is that Mohammed and his family were nomads. Mohammed had an opiate problem as well was an avid drinker of fermented liquids. As most opiate smokers can tell you, if you smoke too much, you hear voices, you see colors, you dream dreams.
              Mohammed dreamed he heard the voice of God. He had visions and delusions that he was God. In early Egypt, there were Coptic Christians who preached a slightly different version of Christianity (they still do) than the "catholic" central beliefs recognized by the Nicean Council. Mohammed and his family had grown up with Judaism, Jews, heretics, and other desert religions.
              If you compare the the Pentateuch - the five books alleged  to have been written by or about Moses around 150 BC with the earliest scrolls and manuscripts of the Quran, you will notice that none of Mohammed's ideas and visions are original, they were borrowed by Mohammed, colored a little here and there and presented as hois own thoughts.
              Now, to the ignorant, uneducated desert nomad, Mohammed- backed by his mother and family- began to kill off other nomads in territorial disputes. Instead of claiming victory- Mohammed and his family claimed that "God wills it- Allah Akbar." I guess any excuse for murder will do.
             In researching my first book, "How to Become a Better Christian, " I researched all available texts on every religion that remains today, and even some that don't, all the way back to 500 BC. I am a researcher after all.
             Considering these facts- that Islam is a made up religion that is worshiped by the uneducated countries of the world, is not even close to the most barbaric religion in history - Christianity takes that prize, and that there is so much repression by the clerics and religious fanatics of women, men, and non-believers clearly exposes Islam as a fake and made up religion that was borrowed from The Old Testament of the Holy Bible and bastardized into a religion of domination of women and the uneducated.

               But, I stand by the rights of the ignorant and the uneducated Islamists to believe that cows can fly and that they will inherit the earth.

               By murdering the 12 people in France, these three idiots condemned their souls to hell and their made up religion to ridicule and aspersions. No one will take Islam seriously anymore.

In the Book of Exodus, one of the Ten Commandments is "Thou Shalt Not Kill."  Maybe these Islamic idiots overlooked those verses and thought that God - Allah would look the other way- I think not.

I pray that the truth about Islam will be exposed and brought to light, and those that murder in the name of any religion not be rewarded here in this life or in the afterlife, but that they be forced to relive their sins and crimes over and over and over- that will be their hell.

May God have mercy on their souls, but deliver justice unto them. Amen.

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