Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What the World Needs Russia To Do By The End of 2014

              While Mr. Putin and Mr. Lavrov continue to defend the illegal seizure of Crimea- which is still under international law part of Ukraine, the supplying of arms to eastern Ukraine separatists- some of which were used to murder the crew and passengers of Malaysia Flight MH 17, the illegal border invasions of Ukraine, and the threatening of a nuclear war against the world- the rest of the world sees Russia as a threat to world peace and world economic stability.
               We here at The Winkle Institute find Russia's actions to be in violation of the United Nations Charter, and call for the United Nations to issue a RESOLUTION declaring Russia's actions to be a violation of international law.

                The sanctions which Mr. Putin and Mr. Lavrov have been gripping about were proposed by our founder and were provided as leverage to get Russia's attention. Obviously, under the strain of a collapsing economy, and thus a general collapsing of political support for Vladimir Putin's continued presidency, Russian citizens are bristling against the 9 plus % inflation that is and will continue to rise as long as Russia hold Crimea hostage.

                 Russia holds the keys to its own economic salvation in its hands. It can return Crimea back to Ukraine and make economic reparations; it can make economic reparations to the families of the crew and passengers of Malaysia Flight MH17, it can compensate Ukraine for the damage that its troops, advisers, and weapons supplied to the separatists have caused to Ukraine, and it can publicly and humbly apologize for its failure to abide by international law.

                All past sins and threats will be forgiven, all sanctions will be dropped. Russia can then return to its former place in the world as an economic and political partner that strives for democracy, equality, human rights, and as an oppressor of the rights and freedoms of its own citizens used to enjoy before Vladimr Putin declared himself dictator for life.

                Has anyone else noticed the drastic decline in Russia, its economy, it political base, its desperate diplomatic corps and its depressed and forlorn presidency? Can Russia be any more closer to self-destructing that it has ever been at any point in history.

                 I mean, to illegally seize part of another country because they would not join your corrupt economic union - how absurd is that? How mentally and emotionally unstable do you have to be to think that the rest of the world would tolerate such barbaric behavior?

                 While we here at The Winkle Institute are obviously no friends of Ms. Merkel, we have advised the European Union, the United States, the United Nations, and numerous countries and their politicians to impose sanctions against Russia for its illegal acts against the United Nations Charter and international law.

                 We stand behind the sovereign nation of Ukraine and its citizens- even those held captive by Russia in Crimea- who we pray for daily. They have the right to freely leave Crimea at any time- which has been denied to them by the criminal nation of Russia- and I say, criminal nation- because it continues to violate international law day after day.

                  We applaud the actions of the United States, the European Union, NATO, and Ukraine for standing up to the tyrant Putin and his lapdog Lavrov.

                  We continue to ask the European Union to consolidate under one constitution, one treasury, one currency, one banking system, one parliament, and one national government. Each state can have its own government, but the central authority would reside in Belgium. All banking would be moved to Brussells, Belgium as well. This would provide for economic stability of all of Europe.

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