Saturday, December 27, 2014

We Believe in God Almighty and of Course, Santa Claus

          Recently, in a first grade class that I was teaching the subject of Christmas, God, and Santa Claus came up. There was no question in the young minds that God existed, but some of the more daring minds challenged one another whether Santa Claus actually existed or not.
          The point was raised, Why would anyone give away millions of dollars of presents every year to children around the world? Being an international consultant to countries around the world on Financial, Environmental, Legislative, and Human Rights issues that gives away millions of dollars of expert advice every year, I understand Santa Claus' heart.
           There are tens of millions of unselfish people like Santa that give freely of their knowledge, time, money, and efforts to help others that they do not know. Myself and my fellow researchers are glad that we are part of a vast network of giving people who do not and would not consider taking money for helping others.
            I give back what God provides to me. You should try it, it feels great. Give with no expectation of ever getting anything in return- not even a thank you. Give in person and anonymously and expect nothing in return. The greatest give anyone can give is the gift of yourself.

            So, go ahead and give to your heart's content. It is better to give than to receive- after all, where would you put everything if you got everything you ever wanted every year?

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Yes, Kids There IS A GOD that created this universe and a SANTA CLAUS, but  

Santa will never out give God.

Thank you God for giving us giving hearts throughout the year. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

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