Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Need For Stepping Back and Putting More Sanctions On Hold and For Russia to Comply With International Law Now

               Russia's Vladimir Putin has hemmed his country into dire economic straights as a result of his retaliation against Ukraine for their joining the European Union and in the future NATO. Every sovereign nation has the right to defend itself and its citizens from invasion and from internal agents of destruction. Ukraine has taken steps to remove the chains of bondage that tied them to Russia.
                It is time for Putin to return Crimea to Ukraine and to stop threatening the Baltic states and NATO states with war. It is obvious that Russian troops do not want a war with the United States or with NATO. While NATO originally wavered and the European Union hesitated to join western nations in our cry to apply sanctions to Russia, the European Union has stood strong together to fight for what is right.
                Mr. Putin needs to take a long look at the economic mess that he has gotten his country into. While he has recently entered into long term contracts with India and China, he needs to realize that Russia is not the winner in these negotiations, and the economic downside is that China will lose business from the United States as a result of doing business with a rogue Russia, and India will lose the economic support of Asian countries and the European Union the longer they do business with a rogue Russia government.
               What China and India must realize is that Mr. Putin talks out of both sides of his mouth. I have nothing against Mr. Lavrov, who acts as Putin's puppet, repeating the same threats as his mentally deranged and obviously ill president. After all, he is doing what he needs to stay alive.
                In my previous post I laid out what Russia needed to do for our organization to advise the European Union and the United States to deescalate the economically crushing sanctions. I know it has to be a bitter pill for Mr. Putin to swallow that he overstepped when he illegally seized Crimea, when he invaded sovereign Ukraine, and when he provided the missiles to the separatists that were used to murder those on Malaysian Flight MH17. He has made many missteps and miscalculations. Now is the time for rational minds to take a step back and give Mr. Putin time to come to the same conclusion. There will be time to issue further sanctions.
                But, I ask our own incompetent president Obama to allow Mr. Putin to inhale, to clear his mind of Vodka and tobacco, and to think about how devastating the issuance of DEAD BANK LETTERS would be to his country and to Russians and socialists around the world.I would give President Putin until December 27th to comply with international law before initiating a new round of bone crushing sanctions- in the spirit of forgiveness- and in the spirit of the holidays.

                I therefore propose a joint signing of the surrender of Ukraine separatists, Russia's return of Crimea to Ukraine, an agreement by Russia to compensate Malaysian Flight MH17's victims families, Russia's return to compliance with the United Nations Charter and international law, and the United States and the European Union's agreement to deescalate the economic and political sanctions against Russia on a timetable that insures compliance with the agreements by all parties. - I know it is the holidays, but government workers can set aside a few days this week in each country to draft their respective agreements at to set December 27th at noon as the time and date in Kiev to sign each of these agreements.

                 After all, you owe it to the world to stop fighting amongst one another and to work together towards the betterment of the world as a whole- and set aside your personal desires of achievement and work towards meeting the needs and human rights of every citizen of this planet.

                                                   The Upcoming Kiev- Separatists Negotiations

                 Kiev should demand an unconditional surrender, the removal of all Russian troops, advisers, and the surrender of all Russian military weapons and equipment, and to provide for fair trials of all separatists and a sentence of ten years or a lifetime of exile in Russia. The separatists should be given the choice as to where they will serve their time for the crime of sedition and treason.

                 For those who committed burglaries, rapes, murders of civilians, and other crimes, a war crimes tribunal should be established to mete out punishments including lifetime exile and even death. Unfortunately, some soldiers and some citizens overstepped the bounds of human decency and even overstepped the Geneva Convention and the United Nations human rights resolutions on the treatment of non-combatants in a war zone. Both sides of this unfortunate war, which was instigated by President Putin are guilty of these atrocities, and the soldiers of both sides must be held accountable for their actions.

                  A reparations process must be established to rebuild what was once the homes and businesses of civilians so that the country can begin to heal. Many civilian lives have been unnecessarily taken by the fighting by both sides.

                 It will take time for the healing process, but it needs to begin this year. I advise that both sides meet on Christmas Day, without Russia diplomats present or even being invited, as this war was illegally begun by Russia and will continue if Russia is permitted to be a part of the negotiations.

                 All territory must be returned, all cities, all towns, villages, and all arms laid down by the separatists by December 31, 2014 at 12:midnight Kiev time. All separatist soldiers desiring to leave Ukraine should be permitted to leave once they turn in their weapons and armaments and have signed a voluntary lifetime exile agreement certifying that they will never apply for a visa to enter Ukraine and that they agree to forfeit all assets they presently hold or have held in Ukraine on or after November 14, 2013  (notice the dates), whether said property was legally held or illegally obtained during the incursion (war) sic.

                 Separatists should be permitted to move their families with them into Russia if those family members also agree to the terms of forfeiture of all assets except the clothes on their backs.

                 A ten mile non-aggression zone should be established between Russia and Ukraine if and when Crimea is returned to Ukraine.

                The citizenship of all Crimeans that voted in favor of Russian stateship of Crimeas should have their citizenship of Ukraine revoked and their property rights to any assets they have held or hold in any part of the world seized and forwarded to Kiev to assist in the payment of reparations as such vote was an act of treason against Ukraine. Once Crimea is returned to Ukraine, these treasonous citizens should be permitted to enter Russia to live in exile- since they love the Russian way of life so much.

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