Friday, November 7, 2014

It Appears That Vladimir Putin Does Want to Start WWIII- Time For Dead Bank Letters

               With the recent escalation in Ukraine by Russian military units, the repeated invasion of Ukraine's sovereign lands, the failure of Russia to enforce the cease fire it negotiated on behalf of the separatists, the recent illegal elections in eastern Ukraine, the submarine testing of an ICBM, the continued fly bys of Russia jets near NATO countries, and the thumbing of his ever lengthening nose by Russia's President Vladimir Putin, it appears that he is trying to provoke NATO and the United States into WWIII.
                Putin has on two previous occasions hinted at his country's nuclear power. He was not taken seriously. As he was not taken seriously, he has further provoked the sleeping dogs of the nuclear arsenals around the world.
                As Putin continues to threaten the rest of the world with nuclear war, he takes another step closer to being declared a war criminal. His country's economy is at an all time low. The ruble is collapsing under the weight of the sanctions which I have previously advised be put into place. But, Putin fiddles as Moscow and Russia sinks into economic hell, as Nero did with Rome. Both megalomaniacs are in their own personal hell and will remain there until they choose to treat their fellow man with respect and dignity. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
                 Rumors that Putin suffers from Pancreatic cancer or any other diseases add to the possibility of Putin's self destructive actions of late. Instead of negotiating in good faith, Putin offered a ceasefire, but the Ukraine separatists refused to honor it. It is clear that they choose annihilation over being civilized human beings and members of a decent society.
                  As a result, I must once again request that Dead Bank Letters be initiated against all banks in Russia as of Monday to further isolate the economic damage being caused by Mr. Putin and his military. The war ships under contract by France must not be delivered, and the seller must cancel the contract and find another buyer. It is my fear that these war ships would be used against NATO forces if they are delivered.
                  It is unfortunate that Mr. Putin has refused the conditions kindly extended to him in my letter of last month, delivered to his UN Ambassador, which set out the terms where sanctions would gradually be removed. Instead of taking the appropriate actions to comply with international law, Putin has continued to flout his country's military might as its economy sinks lower into the abyss. Great leaders negotiate in good faith and keep their promises made during those negotiations. Obviously, Putin's actions demonstrate that he is not a great leader by any means. Russia would do itself a great service if he was removed from office in the immediate future.

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