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Why the United States Economy is Nearer to a Full Blown Collapse Since 2008 Than Ever

Why the United States Economy is Nearer to a Full Blown Collapse Since 2008 Than Ever

Those of you who have been following my posts over the past three years know that I diligently research everything to the Nth degree. This post is no different. Therefore, it will be no surprise that it might be suppressed.

Despite the FAKE UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS submitted by the US Dept.of Labor Bureau of Statistics which said that the United States economy and jobs are moving forward, the true story is much dimmer. In reality, the world's largest economy is closer to a collapse than it ever has been.
If it were not for the worthless loans to banks in 2008 and 2009 as part of TARP we would have realized just how bad the economy was much sooner and could have drafted plans to redirect the economy and the country on a path to recovery. Unfortunately, the United States Federal Reserve's main focus is and was maintaining the 1%'s position in the world and the United States as the world's currency base.
The quantitative easing employed by the United States Federal Reserve which bought up to nearly 75% of stocks and bonds on the markets, falsely increasing the confidence and the prices of stocks and bonds of American companies and institutions. As the Federal Reserve pulls back, it is still leveraged a staggering 39 to 1 of its assets. The United States Federal Reserve has never in its history been over leveraged to this extent.
The printing of worthless currency is only thinly supported by fabricated new stories like the above "jobs increase" and the falsely reported unemployment rate. The actual unemployment rate is near 26% across the entire United States when combined with the number of people who have run out of unemployment benefits or who have taken part time lower paying jobs. The number of full time jobs has significantly decreased.  Additionally, millions have lost their homes, their businesses, and their cars in addition to their jobs. The government and the Federal Reserve have done nothing to alleviate these losses.  All they have done is support the elite.   
In fact, the absolute failure of the Obama administration to place moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures has resulted in nearly 20 million people being homeless or living with family members or friends in the United States according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness' 2014 report. "Nationwide emergency shelter usage has been steady at close to 100 percent from 2007 to 2013. Transitional housing usage is lower, fluctuating between 83 and  8 9 percent between 2007 and 2013". The report continues by stating that "The overall economy is starting to recover, but this improvement does not appear t o be penetrating lower–income populations. The pool of people at risk of homelessness, those in poverty, those living with friends and family, and those paying over half of their income for housing, has remained high despite improvements in unemployment and the overall economy.
The homeless assistance system has decreased homelessness by increasing the flow of people
experiencing homelessness into permanent housing, but without a decrease in the number of people who become homeless, the homeless assistance system will continue to manage large numbers of households who are simply unable t o afford housing in their communities. The lack of affordable housing cannot be overcome by the homeless assistance system."

Foreclosure Filings
Home Repossessions






Sources: Realty Trac, Equifax, US Federal Reserve

Using the numbers in the chart, a total of 17, 909,956 homes were foreclosed on between 2008 and the end of 2013. Multiplying that number by the average number of persons per household (2.61) (  according to the 2010 US Census  and you get the staggering number of 46,744,985 people that were forced out of their homes by the greed of bankers, corporations, and politicians in the United States from 2008-2014. Essentially, 14- 16 % of the United States population lost their homes from 2008-2014.
In Las Vegas, Nevada over 45,000 people were homeless. In Washington D.C. the nation's capital approximately 8,000 people are homeless at any time.

There is no more middle class in the United States. There is the upper income class and the "bearing hanging on by their fingertips to survival class." The American dream of a wife, 2.3 children, and a home is out of reach for 75% or greater of Americans with no decrease in these numbers seen in the future. The public confidence in the United States government officials is at its lowest in more than a hundred years.
The infrastructure of the United States is gradually collapsing as roads, streets, and highways go unrepaired. Trust in government officials and agencies is also at an all time low as regulations like Obamacare and new Environmental Protection Agency regulations further strangle any economic progress that industry and free trade might eke out over the next few years.
The only high point in the United States economy is its wasteful military spending and intervening in military actions by ISIS, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Egypt. If the United States wasted less money on building weapons of mass destruction, supporting non-essential military staff, and black operations programs and provided food, shelter, free college education, job training, and small business loans to those in need of employment, the United States just might survive. The student loan default rate is at it highest since the inception of the program while the United States spends billions on new bombs, jets, surveillance of its own citizens, intrudes and spies on other nations, and destabilizes the economies of the entire world through its wasteful habits.
Unfortunately, because our president is one of the most self-aggrandizing mirror watching, camera clutching presidents in history, he is worthless as a leader. Our congress and senators only care about raising money for their next election and  keeping their campaign donors happy by passing pork barrel legislation. As a result, no legislation has been passed that undoes or improves the economic demise that we now face and will continue to face.
While it is true that 70% of our United States Treasury debt is owed to our citizens, state governments, and other federal government agencies, the remaining 30% bears interest that can never be repaid. The United States ECONOMY IS A HOUSE OF CARDS THAT CAN COLLAPSE IN A MOMENT'S NOTICE.  The band is still playing while the ship of the United States sinks into economic oblivion. It is only a matter of time before the life vests are handed out. That is why the United States government keeps telling lies abut the economy. If people knew how bad the economy really is their would be an overthrow of our government within weeks with tens of millions of people taking over Washington D.C. while our politician hide in their nuclear bunkers.
Therefore, I encourage the world's leaders to convene this year to remove the United States as the benchmark currency and adopt The Time Exchange: A Non-Monetary Economic System, or other economic eqality creating mechanism which will provide economic equality and will permit every citizen to contribute to the world's society on equal footing and to also benefit from society equally as well, before this economic house of cards collapses. Adopting the Yuan or creating a world currency will only speed the decline of the world's society. A one world government is fine as long as the wealthy are not part of the government and must contribute equally to society through their work effort (sweat equity) to survive.


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