Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Where is the United Nations Leadership?

Where is the United Nations Leadership? 

           As battles rage around the planet the United Nations leaders stand idly by and watch the bonfires of hate grow. Instead of punishing Russia for its invasion and occupation of Crimea, the United Nations Security Council does nothing.
           Instead of intervening in Russia's incursions into Ukraine, the United Nations did nothing as did NATO. At least NATO held war games and thumped its chest a few times. Other than that, these two incompetent bodies of world governance have done nothing.
           Instead of sending UN troops to reign in Boko Haram in Africa, the United Nations wrings its hands and asks politely, "Please don't do that!" Instead of intervening in South Sudan's civil war, the United Nations sits on its hands. Instead of adopting the Human Rights resolution 2014 A on Human Trafficking, it sits on a shelf in five committee rooms or was thrown in the trash.
           It is well known that poor leadership in the United Nations has caused the oligarchies of the world to increase their power by taking the rights, liberties, and freedoms from their citizens while the United Nations ambassadors stand and watch the sunset with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
           Not since the days of Idi Amin and the atrocities in Africa and the Baltics has the United Nations been so incompetently and uncaringly staffed. The genocide that is ongoing in Nigeria and in the Congo Republic could easily be defeated if their were men with balls in the United Nations. But the United Nations has become a country club for the politically incompetent.
           It refuses to sanction Russia for fear that the rest of the world cannot defeat one man with Syphillis who wants to relive Lenin's worst nightmares and revisit them on the world again. It openly permits the enslavement of people by the wealthy landowners and corportions around the world who could provide safe work conditions, safe housing, clean water, reduced crime, religious equality, protection for crime witnesses, and a host of other human rights if the good old boys could only get a hard on for helping their fellow man and woman.
            In a few recent tweets to Emma Watson I cautioned her that the United Nations was a two faced quagmire where nothing was ever accomplished unless the oligarchies deemed it necessary. It is the United Nations own contractors, peacekeepers, and military troops that protect the majority of human traffickers around the world. From Dyna Corp. to eastern Europe the human traffickers know that the United Nations has turned a blind eye to their crimes and even provides immunity for war crimes committed while they are under United Nations contracts.
            The United Nations' own devaluation of women based on their economic impact and their roles in society have caused the current human trafficking and sex trafficking debacle. Their is not United Nations mandate, no enforced international law that has teeth, no law that covers both the victim's rights and prosecutes the criminal regardless of where they are arrested and regardless of where the crime was committed.
           The United Nations Human Rights Resolution 2014 A that was submitted to five different United Nations committees in February of this year has yet to be adopted and put into force.

           So tell me, where do I go to find leaders with courage to fight the good fight in this day and age on this planet?  I have looked all around me and have contacted over 100 world leaders and their staff members through my advisories and I find that few of them can be counted on to make the tough decisions when the time comes to stand up for truth, honor, righteousness, and the rights of their fellow man. It makes me wonder if the leaders we currently have in this world would be better clothed in dresses and girdles than long pants, suit, and ties.

            We stand on the threshold of a potential war with Russia, China, and Islamic radicals, each who deserve the title of terrorist - and the United Nations mumbles like an old woman and hides under the covers and prays for the dawn of a new day instead of imposing world order through leadership and international law.
            The United Nations stands idly by while the privacy of innocent citizens is taken from them by force. It stands idly by while nations governments seize the basic human rights granted to them under the United Nations charter. It stands idly by while the Internet access of billions of people and the press organizations in numerous countries are under seizure and attack by the governments around the world.

            So, I ask you one more time- Where is the United Nations Leadership in this divided world? 

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