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Ukraine-Russian-United States- European Union Talks-- My Advice

 In a recent letter to President Vladimir Putin I offered to recommend gradually scaling back sanctions in exchange for good behavior of Russia and a return to compliance with international law, which includes the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

Here is a copy of that letter. I hope this will make your negotiations later this week go more smoothly. Mr. Putin is hard pressed to make a deal while saving face with his countrymen lest they publicly hang him in the Red Square.

Mark R. Winkle, Ceo & Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability
713 Cedar Drive; Suite 19
Fairborn, Ohio 45324 U.S.A.
Ph. 937-831-8119 email:

Dear President Vladimir Putin, 13 October 2014

I am writing you today in hopes that we can reach a meeting of the minds concerning the deescaltion of hostilities between the European Union, the United States, Russia and Ukraine as well as other former Soviet states that Russia has recently threatened.
As a consultant I take no sides of an issue, but judge the matter solely on the truth of the issues before me and offer suggestions and advice as to possible outcomes that are advantageous to everyone concerned.
You have made many statements concerning the fact that you desire Russia to re-unite to its former greatness. That former alleged greatness was due to the conquering of sovereign nations and the murder of civilians by former Soviet presidents. Obviously, the world politic is not going to allow that to happen. I understand your frustration in Ukraine not joining the Eurasia Economic Union, but illegally invading Crimea and essentially holding hostage millions of non-Russian speaking people against their will contravenes any claim of human rights violations of Russia speaking citizens of Ukraine, which is a sovereign nation.
In response to the international outcry, I took it upon myself to research your agreement (behind closed door agreements) made between yourself and Viktor Yanukovich. Obviously threats had been made against Ukraine at that time as well and Mr. Yanukovich was to be handsomely paid for his treasonous actions against his countrymen.
I recommended the economic sanctions against your country, but not against the political friends of your oligarchy. Those sanctions were devised at the national level without consultation with me or with my knowledge. Thus, Russia finds its economy spirally ever downward until you agree to bring Russia back into compliance with international law.
No one has asked me to write to you or to offer you a way out of the hell that you have visited upon your country. I am taking this initiative on my own in the attempt to help you reach the rational decisions that need to be made to prevent further unnecessary deaths on both sides of the borders of Russia. I know your heart.
I have studied people for many years. As a former outreach minister I have traveled in excess of 1 ½ million miles working and helping people create better lives out of their quandries that were self created.
In retalition for Ukraine following my advice to the European Union and seeking to join a forming “true democracy” you invaded Crimea and have held hostage millions of innocent people who only want to live in peace. Your invasion was not rational, but was instead the actions of a bully who is used to getting his way through threats and intimidation. You rigged the election results of the secession vote to make it seem like most of the Crimeans wanted to rejoin Russia. The truth is that their actions are only survivalist in nature under the threat of a gun. Crimeans want to be citizens of a state of Ukraine. They want to have a say in their choices. They do not want to be Russian, despite your forcing them to. Given the choice to return to Ukraine or remaining Russia under your rule, their choice would be to return to be citizens of Ukraine. Even you know this to be true.
You then set out to further interfere in the internal government decisions in eastern Ukraine by placing agents and soldiers illegally inside eastern Ukraine and funding a rebellion by the citizens of eastern Ukraine in violation of the United Nations Charter and international law.
You then issued orders for Russian troops to use military weapons and missiles against Ukraine national troops from within Russia and supplied the eastern Ukraine separatists with weapons, food, vehicles, and armaments which they used to illegally shoot down Malaysian Flight MH 17, which they mistook as a Ukraine fighter plane.
You then ordered Russian troops to illegally transport troops across Ukraine's borders, albeit with food and medical supplies, and removed damaged military equipment in a cover up attempt of your country's military assistance of an illegal rebellion by Ukraine separatists. You have also encouraged Russian citizens to illegally enter Ukraine and to fight on behalf of the eastern Ukraine separatists. All of these actions have been taken because you did not get your way. It is as simple as that.
As a result of your actions, I advised the European Union and the United States to impose far more draconian sanctions than they have yet to impose as of this writing. They have been far gentler with you than I would have been. Be that as it may, I believe that there is an opportunity for us to have a meeting of the minds and to pave a way for Russia to return to being a country in compliance with international law and the United Nations Charter.
While Russia has control of Crimea, there will be no peace between the European Union, NATO, the United States and Russia. Russia will continue to be isolated economically. The best thing that I can suggest is that you allow Crimea to return to Ukraine's authority, remove your troops, and move your naval fleet out of Sevastopol and onto Russian soil. Allow Ukraine to set the timetable for Crimea to become autonomous.
Second, remove all Russian troops, military equipment, advisers, and electronic eavesdropping (spy) equipment from Crimea and eastern Ukraine by the end of November 2014.
Third, make reparation payments to Ukraine for the economic losses that your actions and the actions of your country's citizens and soldiers have caused.
Fourth, make reparation payments to the families of the Malaysian MH17 crash victims. It was a Russian missile that caused the plane to crash. Regardless of who fired it from the separatist' camps, they would not have had the weapons if Russia had not provided them.
Fifth, apologize to the world personally for invading Ukraine and for bringing the world close to World War III and promise to never invade another sovereign country or to threaten hostilities against another country unless Russia itself is being threatened.
Sixth, stop supplying weapons and chemical weapons of mass destruction to Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other countries. Russia is supposed to lead by example. If Russia ever wants to be counted again as a super power then it needs to stop bullying other nations when it does not get what it wants. I know, other nations do the same thing, but we re not talking about them, are we?
Seventh, stop spying on your own citizens and allow Russians the opportunity to address their concerns about the political and human rights issues that have caused so many of your citizens to leave the country. Communication clears the air and will help resolve the internal conflicts within Russia.
If you do these seven things and do not start or increase any conflicts around the world, I will recommend that the sanctions that have been imposed be gradually reduced in exchange for the completion of each step until Russia is once more in compliance with international law and the United Nations Charter. 

Mark R. Winkle, CEO, Founder
The Winkle Institute for
Worldwide Economic Stability

 As to the Ukraine- Russian Gas Deal

What about Russia paying for all the damage that their interference did to eastern Ukraine? Who pays for that Mr. Putin? I believe that Russia should pay for the rebuilding of these villages and cities as they instigated the war and supplied the weapons to the separatists. Russia also needs to make reparations for the illegal seizing of Crimea, the rape, robbery, and looting of eastern Ukraine, the innocent civilians killed by Russia tanks, missiles, and mortars as well as the downing of Malaysia Flight MH17. Ukraine should get FREE Natural Gas from Russia for the next 20 years for damages caused by Russia.

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