Thursday, October 16, 2014

Time to Step Back And Think About What Could Happen If......

              Let us take a big step back from struggling against the universe and one another for a full hour or at least twice as long as it takes you to read this, digest it, and email it to those you care about and even share it with your boss if you so choose to:

What could happen if  Russia made peace with the world and stopped instigating trouble throughout the world along with the United States and England?

And then, what would happen if.......

a. We wipe out ISIS? There will still be instability in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, the Congo, Saudi Arabia, and Boko Haram will still be causing trouble.

So, why not have an international meeting of Imams from around the world and let them decide if Islam is to outlawed as a religion, or do they get the crazies in hand, and start practicing what the Quran preaches?

b. The United States once more passes a balanced budget act and actually reduced the national debt saving the United States from the humiliation of being the most bankrupt nation in the world?

We came close to having a balanced budget when Bill Clinton was in office. Why not try it a second time? We could cut the fat (non-essential government employees) and give them buyouts like GM and Ford did their over bloated staff, say six months severance pay and push them out of the office window. Wouldn't that be fun?

c. We wiped out Boko Haram, returned all the kidnapped people to their families and return Africa to near peace. Then we could work on South Sudan and get it right this time.

Boko Haram cannot be that difficult to find and eliminate. While they are a guerrilla fighting group, the United States, and the European Union have the technology to find them using satellite telemetry and night vision heat signatures. A group that large would be difficult to hide. Now, if we don't find them, we have no right to say that the United States military is the best in the world. I know that if my kids when they were younger could find a nickel under all of their toys and carpeting in their rooms, that the modern militaries around the world can find a radical nut job religious group whose leader thinks he is God. Seriously, this guy is hard to find?

d. We stop fighting each other in the Middle East altogether and work out a one hundred year plan of peace?

In one hundred years, the wars could start again and a new peace plan could be drawn up. We won't be here, so why should we care. Let our grandchildren argue over our inheritance and do what they want with our toys (if the toys are still around).

e. Why not provide food, clothing, shelter, and clean water to everyone on the planet?

We have the technology. Instead of wasting research dollars inventing stupid robots, why not really make this world a better place for every person on the planet to live? We have the intelligence, we have the people, we have the science, we have the water and energy sources to make it possible. It's not like an alien planet is going to invade Earth and take over. Who would want a bunch of spoiled people anyway.

f. Why not make slavery a crime punishable by death? One appeal in the first six months of imprisonment and then we remove them from the population altogether.

It matters not whether or not their slavery is human bondage, sex slavery, prostitution, or indentured servitude (like Disney's hotel laundry room workers in Florida). Slavery is slavery, no matter what label you put on it.  The taking of another person's freedom, takes that person's life away from them.

That is why the United Nations needs to pass the United Nations Resolution that this organization submitted to four different UN Committees back in February of this year making human trafficking and slavery a violation of international law punishable and enforceable in whatever country that the criminal was captured in regardless of where the crime was committed.  It also provides witness protection, counseling, and recovery to the victims of these crimes.

g. Why not do something nice for someone today?

It will make you feel better. It will also reduce your stress levels and help you cope with stress better in the future.

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