Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Current State of the World's Economies- October 2014

              Here is the current state of the world's economies by region-

             The Americas: The Americas including the United States, Canada, and Mexico currently rate a 6.7 on a scale of 10. Canada's economy is stabilizing, Mexico's economy is gradually ebbing lower and will continue to ebb lower until corruption, the illegal drug trade, and human trafficking are substantially reduced. Currently Mexico's largest export is Oil. Mexico's second largest export is illegal immigrants, and it's third largest export is illegal drugs, and taking fourth place in human trafficking.
               As for Canada, its largest export is oil, unfortunately that oil comes with the price of contaminating Alberta and Saskatchewan's wilderness. Fracking is messy as is everything to do with the oil and gas industry. Canada needs to clean up its act to become a world player.
               As for the United States,  currently, the United States economy in an extremely slow recovery that is based solely on the psychology and the fears of it own citizens. A rush for the exits could collapse the entire fruit basket. The United States economy is a fabricated economy, its economic numbers and employment numbers bear no relevance to the truth. Every fact quoted by a government agency is an outright lie that is meant to soothe the guilt of the masses. This Holiday Shopping season will be brutally honest about the United States economy.
               South America's economy is running on three cylinders and is largely funded by the United States and Europe. As the European economy  slowly improves, the economies of South America will continue to improve. Do not listen to the continuous chimes of the gloom and doomsayer's bells. Their bell is cracked and plays only one note - dooooooom!

Europe- As Europe begins to take its banking industry in hand, there will be those bankers in Germany and elsewhere that will try to wrest control of the entire continent's economy for their own financial welfare and benefit. England's economy is recovering nicely, and the slow growth in the European Union's economy is due to the failure of the major banks to make small business loans as they were requested to by the ECB this summer. It seems that Germany's continued interference in the economies of the other 27 EU countries has become troublesome. It appears that Der Deutschebanke which backs the German currency wants to be in control of the EU economy and is trying to obstruct any economic growth through subterfuge. While the austerity program that I instigated in 2011 has been a great success, to save the EU's economies, we must provide cash flow to small business growth for jobs to return to the EU. While a 30 hour work week will have a positive economic influence short term, increasing the number of jobs, for there to be long term economic growth and stability, there must be a flurry of creation of jobs to start the economic engine.
Germany's economists know this to be true, but would rather choke out any economic growth of the other 27 member nations than to permit them to become less reliant on Germany for their goods and services.

Asia- China' economy is tanking, as is Russia's. Their recent economic partnership should prove interesting as one drowning rat feeds off of the other in the attempt to become the largest failed economic system country in the world. Both countries are trying to create a socialist free enterprise system where the government decides whose business is successful and whose business fails. China has tried to master this kind of failing economy since the 1950's to little success.

As a result of their continuing reliance on oil and purchases from the United States, when the United State's economy began to founder, China's economy hit the brakes. China can print money until the cows come home. It is worthless money based on nothing but the trade agreements between China and the United States. Russia will never replace the United States in China's purse as their main benefactor and customer.

Until Russia complies with international law and stops creating unrest in northern Europe and Asia, Russia's economy will continue to decline despite China's purchases of goods. Trust cannot be bought at any price and Russia and China do not trust one another. 

Japan- As Japan continues to founder on the rocks as it recovers from recent weather events, Japan needs to look elsewhere for energy production other than nuclear energy. Additionally, Japan needs to formulate a long term recovery program which provides education and skilled labor to be outsourced throughout the rest of the world. Instead of wasting money creating robots, Japan could develop safe alternatives to nuclear energy that could be used ala Tesla to reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Africa- As the Africa countries continue to expand their oil and gas production, they also need to look to remove the human rights violators and develop clean water supplies as well as least footprint technology to produce crops (non-GMO) to feed their growing population. Africa could also use educational services and birth control/ STD prevention education or sterilization of infected persons. Africa' greatest economic deficit is their gross lack of education, clean water, and a dependence n backwards tribal instincts and culture that leads to warfare.

Australia- Australia's economy is slowing down, but not as much as the rest of the world's. Australia will do well to find alternative sources of energy and to develop desalinization plant to keep a continued supply of clean water as well as protecting the environment from becoming contaminated.

The Middle East- Unfortunately, the Middle East remains an economic quagmire as a result of Islamic nation's attempts to out Israel and Christian nations out of the region. This battle needs to end for there to be any hope of long term economic stability. An international meeting of Islamic Imams is being called to reign in extra political Islamic factions that are causing economic and political unrest. It is my belief that ISIS is being funded by Russia and also from within the United States via corporations whose sole interest is keeping the region politically unstable and thus economically unstable.

Obviously, I have not named the smaller countries as these smaller countries tend to ebb and flow with the tide of their economical benefactor countries.

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