Monday, September 8, 2014

The Ukraine Question: Should Part of a Country be Permitted to Secede?

           As we teeter-totter ever closer to a war with Russia and Crazy Putin we must ask ourselves what rights each citizen and group of citizens have in a country. Does the arm have the right to separate a become part of another body without asking the body to which it belongs? Does a nose or an ear have the right to jump off of an ugly face onto the face of a better looking person without first asking permission or weighing the cost to the rest of the body? I would say not!
            Similarly, eastern Ukraine's separatists, who are a minority in Ukraine decided one day that they wanted to sever their ties with Ukraine and forcibly take the land and its assets with them and become part of Russia.
                                               96 Years of Russian Interference in Ukraine

The Ukrainian People's Republic or Ukrainian National Republic (Ukrainian: Українська Народня Республіка, Ukrayins’ka Narodnia Respublika; abbreviated УНР, UNR), or simply Ukraine is the predecessor of modern Ukraine that was declared (on 23 June 1917) at first as a part of the Russian Republic after the Russian Revolution but that proclaimed its independence on 25 January 1918. During its short existence the republic went through several political transformations from the socialist-lenient republic headed by the Central council with its General secretariat to the national republic, led by Directorate and Symon Petlyura. Between April and December 1918 the Ukrainian People's Republic was non-existent and overthrown by the Ukrainian State of Pavlo Skoropadsky. From autumn 1919 it was an ally of the Second Polish Republic.But by then the state de-facto was non-existent.The 18 March 1921 Treaty of Riga between the Second Polish Republic, Soviet Russia (acting also on behalf of Soviet Belarus) and Soviet Ukraine sealed the fate of the Ukrainian People's Republic.
After the October Revolution many governments were formed in Ukraine. The two most important of them the Ukrainian People's Republic, residing in Kiev, and the Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets, residing in Kharkiv. These two sides were in permanent conflict between each other, which resulted in many casualties among Ukrainians fighting in opposition in civil war as part of the wider Ukrainian-Soviet War.[2] The Soviet Union would (after the Treaty of Riga) extend control over what would ultimately become the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and a member of the Soviet Union.

Source:  Serhy Yekelchyk, Ukraine: Birth of a Modern Nation, Oxford University Press (2007), ISBN 978-0-19-530546-3

             I ask each of you, my loyal readers, where would the United States be if England had succeeded the southern states in the civil war in the 1860's? We would be a country divided into two countries that oppose one another on numerous human rights issues and economic issues arising over those same human rights issues. 
            Russia does not have a problem with enslaving people and indoctrinating them into its failed policies of government controlled Communism and Marxism. Many millions have been starved to death in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries to feed the fat oligarchs of Russia. 
            If NATO stands by and allows Russia to continue to invade Ukraine, it becomes a worthless body of ninnies and wimps afraid of a school yard bully who threatens to give them wedgies every day for the rest of the school year. 
            Recently, Putin threatened nuclear war with NATO if NATO and the European Union did not stay out of the Ukraine conflict. These are threats by a diseased mind that are folly and without any substance but bluster and hot air behind them. Would Russia actually dare to go head to head with the United States in a nuclear war over Russia's illegal invasion and seizing of part of a sovereign state (Crimea)? Where would old fart Vladimir hide? The shine off of his bald head can be seen by satellite from space. He might as well paint a bulls-eye on his back while he is at it. 
          I heard rumors that his wife divorced him because he was impotent and even Viagra needed the assistance of a crane to get his soldier to salute for a minute and four seconds. So, we are to believe that Vladimir Putin, is willing to commit half of his country to become ashes over Ukraine? I seriously doubt that even Vladimir Putin is that delusional. He may be a bully, but he isn't suicidal, not yet anyway. 

                                    ANOTHER SOLUTION TO THE UKRAINE RESOLUTION

          The world will never recognize Crimea as part of Russia. Russian citizens will become pariahs and targets of citizens of other countries soon and borders will become closed to Russians and Russia products by the end of 2014 if Russia does not free Crimea and return it back to Ukraine. The same will happen if Russia continues to invade Ukraine, bring in troops and equipment, interfere with the sovereignty of Ukraine, or continue to threaten Ukraine with military action. Vladimir Putin can feel the noose tightening around Russia's figurative neck more each day. The Ruble is nearly worthless. Trade between Russia and other countries is at an all time low. Russia is seen as a terrorist country be more than 3/4 of the United Nations members. 

          Unfortunately, until Vladimir Putin is removed from office, I do not see a diplomatic solution to this matter. Ukraine rightfully will not, and must now bow to the tyrant Putin, who has repeatedly violated international laws and is a war criminal that ranks along the likes of George Bush, Jr. and Vice President Dick Cheney of the United States in their illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
           Putin has illegally invaded Georgia, Moldova, and now Ukraine since he took office and became dictator in chief of Russia. A similar war criminal of the former Serbian state Slobodan Milošević.
Milošević claimed that Albanian authorities had abused their powers, that the autonomy of Kosovo was allowing the entrenchment of separatism in Kosovo, and that the rights of the minority Serbs in Kosovo were being regularly violated. As a solution, he called for political change to reduce the autonomy of Kosovo, protect minority Serb rights, and initiate a strong crackdown on separatism in Kosovo.

         Does this sound familiar?  Putin has claimed that the minority Russian speaking citizens of eastern Ukraine's rights are being violated; however, their rights are  being violated by other Russian speaking persons including Russian spies and Russian soldiers who are shelling other Russian speaking people's houses and businesses in a land grab by Russia because Ukraine has repeatedly refused to sever ties with the European Union.

         The only two solutions that I see that will have any lasting effect on the world and will remove the threat of war and civil unrest throughout the rest of the world is 1) the assassination of Vladimir Putin, or 2) an all out war for Ukraine's sovereignty involving NATO's pussies and wimpy general, the European Union, and the United States. China will gladly stand back and try to overrun any conquered country.

       So Vladimir, What's It Going to Be? 
Are You Going to Take Your Toys and Boys and Go Home? 
Are You up For the Ass Kicking of Your Life? 

         Anyone who seriously thinks that ol' Vlad is serious about pushing the red button on a nuclear bomb needs to watch "War Games" with Matthew Broderick. No one wins a nuclear war. No one is threatening Russia's sovereignty, but one nuclear bomb and Russia is history. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Then Vladimir will find out if God exists. What will be left will be water vapor and falling ashes for the next three years where Moscow used to be, along with a cold weather front that will offset any "global warming" for the next ten years.

       You see, the measured sanctions were my idea. I never get credit for my advice because the politicians always take credit for every breath that leaves someone else's mouth as well as any rational thought. Their alcohol addled minds can't think clearly enough to think up long term strategies. If I was running things, your soldiers would be buried ass up by now looking down on their final godless destinies. 

       Count your blessings Vladimir. Even Henry Kissinger isn't as good as knowing your next thought as I am.  Your country is wounded and bleeding. The economy of your once great nation is slowing dying with every breath. If war begins, you can count on this year being the last great wheat harvest for the next ten years. You may sever the pipeline between Russia and the European Union, but the stocks of natural gas and oil around the world are near a record high, a poor time to cut your own country's top revenue source. Next year, your wheat harvest will rot in the fields.

       Your oil companies are begging for loans like pan handlers on the street corners. Your banks assets are drying up. Your citizens will revolt internally once winter comes and they realize that you have single handedly crushed crushed Russia's economy as a result of a temper tantrum characteristic of a spoiled child whose diaper needs changed and whose rattle has fallen to the floor.

       You could abdicate and save yourself and your country the humiliation of being broken into fifteen to twenty sovereign nations. You could save your own reputation and make your place in history as a peacemaker instead of a bully. Government backed (forced) Communism is an experiment that went wrong a long time ago. Russia and China need to wake up and allow their citizens the basic human rights spoken of in The Spirit of Laws by Baron de Montesquieu. If you are too cheap to buy a copy- get a free pdf download here: .
       It's a good read. Too bad it's not in Russian. If Russia invades Ukraine and if Russia uses any nuclear weapon against anyone, their won't be a next generation of Russian speaking citizens in Russia- they will all be speaking English. 

       You see, Vladimir, I look into your mind and I see what could happen in every possible outcome, and no outcome of the Ukraine situation benefits Russia. Russia will not survive a second cold war. As it stands, emissaries around the world are watching every troop movement and every lie that comes out of Russia, to gauge whether Russia should be voted out of the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council. 

        Your choices are few as I see them: 1) Remove all troops and military equipment from every part of Ukraine including Sevastopol, Crimea and all other lands of sovereign Ukraine; 2) begin a war that you cannot and will not win; 3) unleash a nuclear weapon and see your country destroyed physically,politically, and economically by the rest of the free world; 4) end your own life - poison is quickest; 5) Abdicate your office and never return to politics. I know you might not like any of these choices, but I did say that your choices were limited. You hold the paintbrush that has painted yourself into this corner. The door to forgiveness is closing slowly. The next step is yours and a wise man would admit his errors and give back what he has stolen. Are you a wise man Vladimir Putin? I know your heart, in fact, I know what your next move will be. 

I would withdraw all of my troops from Ukraine and Crimea. I would admit error and complicity in the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17 and compensate the victim's families. I would cooperate with the European Union Human Rights Commission and the United Nations Human Rights Commission to obtain autonomy for Crimea if its citizens vote in favor of autonomy.  I would make peace with my neighbors and thank God almighty for giving me life and for saving Russia from my mistakes. I would request that all Russian speaking citizens who desire to leave Ukraine be permitted safe passage into Russia without visas or passports. 

Then I would thank God for allowing me to continue to live.
         Like your predecessors, you started a war that you cannot win. Their will be no victory, there will be no statues or parades in your honor. History will soon forget that you were born and communism will be forever crushed in Russia- nay- it will be outlawed. Many millions of Russians will be suddenly converted to Christianity and government run churches will be filled with the truest of believers, including yourself and your own family- God forbid! Oy vey!