Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Suspension and Removal of Russia From the United Nations

          Vladimir Putin, the sociopath, threatened the rest of the world with nuclear war over the weekend if it intervened in his illegal war against Ukraine. Putin, in his own delusions feels that he is Vladimir Lenin reincarnated. He want to reunify all of the former states of the USSR by intimidation and by force if necessary. This must not be allowed to happen.
            Vladimir Putin is according to international law, a war criminal. He ordered the invasion of Ukraine which has costs thousands of lives. He ordered the illegal taking of Crimea, which also is illegal under international law.
              Similarly, when Saddam Hussein invaded the sovereign country of Kuwait, it was not long before troops from many nations took back Kuwait and forced Iraq into submission and compliance with international law. At the request of Russia, Saddam Hussein was not held accountable for his war crimes at the time. Saddam Hussein now resides in Russia where he fled three weeks before the invasion of Iraq by the United States according to the former liaison of the government of Iraq at the time of the United States invasion of Iraq. The person executed was one of hundreds of doubles that Hussein had employed over the years. Russia has long aided the criminal and war criminals of the world.
            As a result of the interference of the United States in Iraq, there has been an ongoing civil war between various religious nuts in Iraq, each feels that their version of Islam is the correct version.
            As for Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine, it reminds me of their illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Georgia,Chechnya, and their interference in the internal affairs of other countries with the intent to cause a civil war or to coerce that country to allow the secession of Russian speaking people.
            The excuses for Russia's invasion and the threat of the use of nuclear weapons clearly define Vladimir Putin's irrational state of mind. The repeated lies concerning troops, equipment, weaponry, and the numerous agents of Russia's spy networks compound the threat of this rogue nation who has threatened the rest of the world with desolation. It would be wise for someone in Russia to assassinate Vladimir Putin rather than have nuclear weapons falling on Moscow and other major metropolitan cities in Russia.
           As before, I speak only the truth to you as I see it. Russia will not escape further economic and political sanctions until Vladimir Putin is removed from office as president of Russia. Putin has repeatedly threatened the United States, Europe, and Ukraine if we do not sit idly by and allow him to conquer these sovereign nations.
            The fascists that eastern Ukraine citizens are afraid of are nothing compared to a mentally demented sociopath bent on having his way regardless of international law. The line of decency and proper moral conduct becoming a president of a country has long been passed. It is time for the United Nations to suspend the membership of Russia from the United Nations Security Council and to suspend its membership from the United Nations under Chapter 2 Article 7. It is time to reign in this rogue leader of Russia and to take away his nuclear toys once and for all.