Sunday, September 21, 2014

TASER: Almost 3 Million Tortured by Police Using Our Technology- 500 Murdered- Stop Their Use Today!

 Taser Inc. has the nerve to brag that almost 3 million people have been tased, with 500 of them dying as a result of being tased according to Amnesty International. Isn't it time to make this torture technology illegal and its use a felony? I believe it is.
                If Tasers were being used by competent intelligent people on say sex slaves or trafficked people it would be a crime. However, if law enforcement officers, who have an average intelligence quotient of around 96 on a scale of 180, making them some of the most mentally lazy people on the planet use Tasers, the end result is usually a lawsuit and someone's civil rights being over ran by the officer(s) at the scene.
                Last year in Fairborn, Ohio two law enforcement officers illegally searched my car as a result of a fabricated traffic stop. They had yet to make their quota of traffic stops and illegal searches that day. When the trial date came up, the ticketing officer showed me computer edited video that he or another officer had spliced together. Before I was stopped, the officer has pulled out of a side street behind me. In the video, it showed his cruiser coming down a hill behind me. The court had already paid in excess of $3,000 for an attorney to represent me. And in Dayton, Ohio due to a lack of competent police officers the entrance test score was lowered to a 45 out of 100 points earlier this year (2014) so that more ignorant police officers could get hired.
               In Columbus, Ohio a municipal court judge regularly holds a "sale on justice" where every traffic offense and misdemeanor was given only a $150 fine and court cot up to a third degree misdemeanor because, as he stated, "Police officers lie to me every day in this court and I think most of you deserve a fair hearing and a fair outcome."  All around the United States and the world were are represented by incompetent judges, crooked prosecuting attorneys, bribing attorneys, and legislative representatives who look out for the wealthy (including themselves).
               If you look into the use of Tasers by law enforcement officers you will find thousands of charges of excessive use of force made by the defendants who were tortured by the arresting officer(s). Many of these officers develop locked in syndrome where the only thing that they are concerned with is their own safety. In fact, Taser, Inc. advertises the reduction in Workmen's Compensation claims made by the torturing officers.
              I would imagine that Taser, Inc. would make the same claims for Nazi war criminals who used gas masks while nerve gassing civilians in death camps too. Torture is torture is torture. The fact is that the Taser is not a safe and effective means of protecting both the suspect and the officer/ torturer. It is a weapon of torture make no mistake about it. Police using a Taser weapon have murdered 500 people and most of them have gotten away with those murders.
             What every community, village, city, township, county, and state needs is a Citizen Review Board of Police Conduct where a citizen can make a complaint against an officer and that complaint is not covered up by other police officers. Having the mice conduct investigations of the abuse of the rights of cats obviously does not work. The fact is that police will, can, and do lie to cover up their illegal acts and abuses of their authority. The increase of civil rights lawsuits in state and federal courts against law enforcement officers over the past ten years is staggering. The number of murders committed by law enforcement officers and then covered up by other law enforcement officers is increasing annually.
              The only way to stop this increase in civil rights violations by law enforcement authorities is to create Civilian Law Enforcement Boards of Review that are staffed by non- government employees whose rulings would be final and whose rulings could order the termination or suspension of the law enforcement officer. This would end most cover ups by police officers protecting criminal acts by other police officers. The only thing a law enforcement officer fears more than being a regular citizen is being in prison. If you take away their badge and authority most of these people could not get a job as a janitor. 

             It is time that taxpaying citizens reign in these criminals who hide behind their badges and take away their torture Taser toys!

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