Friday, September 12, 2014

Fixing the World's Economies- The Realities of What it Will Take- 23 Recommendations

As a financial, environmental, legal, and human rights consultant, I have advised 35 countries and five major international organizations that practically run the world. I have been working on resolving the ongoing economic issues that began in late 2007.
          My advice has been implemented since July of 2011 to  keep Greece and the rest of the European Union from economic collapse. There is still much work to do for the world to become economically stable.
Here are twenty three recommendations that you, your local, state, provincial, and national governments need to put into effect as soon as possible to keep the economic recovery moving forward.

Fix number one: Reduce your impact by reducing your debt.
Fix number two: Mandate that banks make loans to small business both short term and long term.
Fix number three: Level out tax rates - both personal and business so that high income earners pay            higher rates regardless of how the income was earned.
Fix number four: Remove all  tax deductions and impose a flat tax of 12% plus 3% for each $10,000 of income regardless of how the income was earned. REMOVE CAPITAL GAINS PROTECTIONS. This will ensure that wealthy citizens living off of inheritances and dividends pay their fair share of income taxes.
Fix number five: Eliminate earned income credits and mandate government work projects of construction, road details to remove brush, grass, trash for welfare, food stamp, and SSI recipients instead of using overpaid union employees.
Fix number six: Mandating public gardens space set asides in every population area to provide growing space, low cost seeds, and low cost watering to provide food to low income citizens.
Fix number seven: Recycle as much as you can.
Fix number eight: Plan for the long term to reduce waste.
Fix number nine: Reduce the number of government employees to what is essential plus five percent.This will not only reduce government spending and waste, but will also free up cash that can be loaned to businesses.
Fix number ten: Reduce wasteful government spending.
Fix number eleven: Mandate by law a balanced budget.
Fix number twelve: Provide free education for all ages. Compensate teachers, administrators, and all other education employees with food, clothing, housing, and a monthly stipend. This will provide education parity and reduce the burden of increased incomes of government education employees.
Fix number thirteen: Remove union representation from government employees.
Fix number fourteen: Reduce military budgets by 20% in five years and covert operations budgets by 40% in five years.
Fix number fifteen: Plan ahead for a world at peace and reallocate assets from war preparedness to infrastructure, education, health, and poverty reduction.
Fix number sixteen: Mandate third strike death penalty law where the third offense can be appealed one time the first year after sentencing. If the appeal fails the prisoner is terminated. We need to stop providing a free ride to uncooperative citizens and repeat offenders.
Fix number seventeen: Mandate drug and alcohol prison rehab and counseling for first and second felony offense and provide job training and job placement upon their release. 
Fix number eighteen: Reduce waste and perks by politicians and remove tax deductions for campaign contributions. This will produce a more dependable government and reduce corruption which is increasing the cost of government contracts.
Fix number nineteen: Government takeover of oil and natural gas companies or place price ceilings on oil and natural gas prices. Remove oil and natural gas from the commodities markets.
Fix number twenty: Remove all government price supports on all goods and allow the free market to set the price. At the same time, allow each country to limit the amount of imported goods to shore up production, prices,  and jobs of each country to maintain a stable economy.
Fix number twenty-one:  Mandate an interest rate ceiling on credit transactions, loans, mortgages, etc. to 14% annual percentage rate including cash advances, car title loans, and second tier mortgages.
Fix Number twenty-two:  Mandate drug screens of all government housing program subscribers and all residents of any government funded residence,  offer rewards to drug and crime informers, and issue court restraining orders for drug offenders and tenants who test positive for drug use on all government housing properties including all Metropolitan, HUD, Section 8, and all other housing programs.
Fix number twenty-three: Mandate that all recipients of government SSI disability enter a job training course, and that all drug addicts and alcoholics receiving SSI enter a rehabilitation facility within six months of the application date or forfeit their benefits.

         Government corruption, greedy bankers, oil companies, natural gas companies, and the lack of continuous cash flow through the markets has brought us to our current economic situation.

In my Proposed Constitution of the United States and also the Proposed Constitution of the United European Union which I drafted in February of 2012, I list all of the rights, privileges, and benefits that each of you should be enjoying if only you would demand more from your politicians or vote them out of office.You only get what you ask for from a politician because they are not in office to serve your needs first and foremost. They are in office for the power and government free ride that comes from being in office.

These are both available on this blog site as well as  where I advise world leaders.