Sunday, August 24, 2014

You Don't Negotiate With Terrorists European Union and NATO; and Vladimir Putin is a Terrorist

          I disagree with the upcoming negotiations between Angela (I'll but in anywhere I want) Merkel, France's President Hollande, Ukraine's President Poroshenko  (oligarch and Chocolatier), and possibly a stooge or two from the United States.
          Isn't it obvious that you do not negotiate with criminals and terrorists? Isn't is obvious that Vladimir Putin illegally invaded Ukraine, that he illegally had troops and advisers infiltrate eastern Ukraine, that he has continuously provided weapons and soldiers to eastern Ukraine, and that every word out f his mouth is, has been, and will continue to be lies?
           Was it not illegal under international to invade Crimea ad take its 2-3 million people hostage? Was it not illegal for Russia to shell Ukraine from its side of the border?, and yet,  her lowness, Germany's answer to the witch in Hansel and Gretel wants Ukraine to allow eastern Ukraine to be able to form their own countries? Are you serious? Does Angela Merkel have the hots for Vladimir or what?
            Consider these facts: By now, most of the "humanitarian aid" has been confiscated by the separatists of eastern Ukraine from the citizens who need it to survive. After all, they have looted nearly all of the valuables from each city's citizens already. Why should they stop there? Why not allow every citizen to leave, you ask? Well, it's like this, the chickens need someone to hide behind because they are not man enough to fight only the other soldiers, they have to kill people standing at bus stops ad grocery stores too.
             I find it interesting that Vladimir Putin is negotiating on behalf of the separatists who are not Russian citizens. I also find it interesting that Poroshenko would negotiate with the person who started the war and still illegally hold captive part of his country.
             The people that Poroshenko should be talking to is the European Union and NATO, not the nurse maid of German politics. Angela Merkel is not looking out for the European Union as a whole; she is only looking out for Germany's interests just as she has since she was first elected.
              Why would you negotiate in Minsk, Belarus, when Belarus and Kazakhstan both betrayed every other former Soviet state by joining Putin's Eurasian Union in late May of this year? A friend of my friend can be my friend, but a friend of my enemy cannot be my friend, and cannot be trusted to be faithful, loyal, or trusted period. They will always be faithful to their own best interests. Unfortunately that is the true nature of mankind.
               What President Poroshnko needs to be concerned with is being pushed into a corner. He needs to stand up for every citizen of Ukraine and demand that Russia stay out of Ukraine;s internal affairs. He needs to stick to his guns and demand that every Russian military adviser (as well as spies and agents), soldier, and naval personnel leave Ukraine within thirty days or be subject to arrest as a war criminal (which they are). He needs to stand up to Grandma Merkel and say no to her ideas of federalism and demand that the European Union stand with Ukraine against their Russian invaders. POROSHENKO NEEDS TO DEMAND THE RETURN OF CRIMEA TO UKRAINE!
               In fact, I would lead off with that demand if I were him. If Putin does not agree to return Crimea to Ukraine unconditionally, I would walk out of the negotiations. This is a litmus test for Vladimir Putin. Will he admit that he overreacted out of a childish temper tantrum and return Crimea, or does it need to be taken back by force?
               President Poroshenko needs to realize that Belarus is not neutral ground. It is the land of a traitorous band who betrayed the rest of Europe by joining Russia's bully and war criminal and still provides aid and comfort to their enemy. They are not to be trusted one bit.

               This is the most important negotiation that President Poroshenko will ever attend. If he fails to demand the return of Crimea, his presidency is doomed and he will be seen by the world as a failure. I will certainly judge him to have failed if Crimea is nor returned to Ukrainian control within the next thirty days.
              Poroshenko needs to realize that the United States and the European Union stand firmly behind him, even if Ms. Merkel does not. I would not negotiate away the rights or the control over any part of Ukraine including eastern Ukraine and Crimea which Merkel suggests with her thoughts of federalism in eastern Ukraine. Chancellor Merkel has long interfered in the affairs of the European Union as she only speaks for Germany. In fact, her government banned a video of a proposed Constitution for a United European Union. In fact, Germany, and Merkel's government is the only government that has directly interfered in the rescue of Greece, the unification of the European Union, the EFSB which authorized the European Central Bank to make loans to the other European Union countries, and many other acts which have interfered in the economic recovery of other European Union countries.
              Angela Merkel's participating in these negotiations, not on behalf of the German citizens, but on behalf of the German bankers who financially support her political party.

So what would I agree to, if I were President Poroshenko?

              What I would allow is the safe passage of any separatist or Russian speaking Ukrainian to leave Ukraine for good and to never return- ever. Leave your properties and weapons behind and get out and do not come back! Uydi otsyuda! 

 Eastern Ukraine Separatist's Song:
(Unofficial Version)

President Porohenko, keep Ukraine together, but give Crimea autonomy