Friday, August 1, 2014

The Bali WTO Agreements Should Proceed Without India, but Welcome India to Come Aboard at Any Time

             As the Sea of Tranquility once again passes into troubled waters in eastern Europe and Russia's bear growls, an island nation opened its doors to the world for a World Trade Organization trade deal that could make history.
              All but a few of the nations are in accord with the 153 nation body of delegates that are attempting to reduce trade barriers which have been placed in the way of free trade by native companies in the attempt to partition off their part of the world from direct competition.
              It is a balancing act like you will see at no circus on earth to balance the needs of every citizen of every country on the planet. I have never been invited as I have only advised 35 countries and saved the European Union from economic collapse. As I am not an egg -headed economist and believe that man, time, and nature take their own course, and that time and nature have no regard for man's wishes or needs, I am not welcome.
              The WTO crowd is made up of humanists that believe that everything circles around what we do as people. They forget that we as a species make up a minuscule amount of this planet's area and that stacked one upon another that we could not begin to reach the ass of the nearest star, Carl Sagan once compared mankind to a speck of dust on the head of a pin compared to the universe.
               So what does that have to do with free trade? Well, if India doesn't want to go along with what the other 152 nation to the agreement want to do- frig 'em. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink- even if it is dying of thirst. In an exploding population that India has, and will continue to have, India has more pressing needs such as human rights issues, human trafficking, selling of their own children into brothels, the gang raping of young girls, mudslides covering small villages, overpopulation, poor education, mass poverty, class warfare, and other issues more important than free world trade to be bothered with free trade issues of the rest of the world.
               You forget, my educated readers that India's population just joined the middle class. That up until five years ago, India still worshiped cows-- oh, that was just yesterday. I'm sorry, but you cannot expect an uneducated people to understand the necessity of a free enterprise system of world trade based on the needs of every person on the planet when they cannot even keep their population under control.
               When India figures out that it needs the WTO more than the WTO needs it, India can sign the treaty. Until then, India has bigger problems to fix than world trade partnerships. Human trafficking, the selling of their own children into sex industries, bond servants, and the caste system are India's worst human rights issues. These issues need to be addressed before India is offered membership into any world treaty of any kind.
                India has the highest number of sex slaves and bond servants in the modern world. While the number of sex trafficked young women and boys from eastern Europe (former Soviet states) are staggering, the numbers of children sold into bondage, sex trades, and trafficked in India are easily four to five times those numbers. Young girls are groomed by their mothers to be prostitutes. Others are sold by their relatives. The tragedy is that the government in New Delhi is fully aware of the problem but turns its nose up as these citizens of India are not of the same social class as they are, and as such do not deserve the same basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the eyes of New Delhi's politicians, these citizens do not deserve to have sanitary living conditions, running water, clean food, jobs, housing, health care,- no- they are not of the same social class as we are- so frig 'em.
               I say to India- get your house in order- give the necessities of dignity and respect to each of your citizens, and then come back to the bargaining table and sign the free trade treaty. Clean up your brothels, your slums, make human bondage a life sentence crime, make sex trafficking a life sentence crime, make selling your children into prostitution a life sentence crime, make prostitution illegal, treat every citizen with respect and dignity, then come join the modern human race, and the same goes for every Muslim nation around the world, and every nation that tolerates human bondage, bond servant hood, and sex trafficking- clean up your morals and treat your citizens with equality and mutual respect- then you will be welcome in the family of mankind- until then, you are just animals and should be treated the same way that you treat the least of your citizens. 

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