Friday, August 22, 2014


                It is time that the wimps at NATO and the European Union engage the enemy of their friend. As I wind down my consulting because it is not appreciated and because some people are using it for their own greedy purposes strangling the life out of the working class in Europe I have noticed (and I am sure that  Putin has also noticed) a vacuum of leadership and massive hand wringing of both NATO and the European Union. If you want Ukraine, you have to defend Ukraine against the bully Putin and his criminal thugs.
               You need to snatch victory out of his jaws with such brute force that he knows that his every breath will determine whether Russia is carved up into smaller countries after this crisis or not. Standing at the crossroads on the Bridge over the River Styx I have realized that this war is about nothing but Russian pride, nothing more, nothing less. Even though every act by Russia has been a violation of international law, the propaganda machines in Russia continue to spew filth and lies.
                The illegal invasion of Crimea, the sending in of troops and military advisers as well as tanks, missiles, and armored vehicles are acts of war.
               I would sit Putin down in a comfortable chair and serve him a cold glass of bitter lemonade, as bitter as possible and tell him in terms that he can understand that the European Union and NATO will no longer sit on the sidelines and watch him violate international law. I would give him 24 hours to remove all of his troops and equipment from Ukraine and then cease doing business with Russia altogether. No food, no clothing, no ships, no fuel purchases, no oil purchases.
                I would drop NATO and European Union troops at the Russian border and behind Russia's convoy of "humanitarian trucks" and escort them peacefully out of the country of Ukraine. I would capture every missile battery firing on Ukraine troops inside of Ukraine and I would target weapons towards Russian weapons placement and inform them that firing their weapons would constitute an act of war against NATO and the European Union.
                 I would then send troops to liberate Crimea from its Russian invaders and escort every Russian military member out of Crimea. Unless you have balls you have no right to be a military commander. This war was started by Vladimir Putin and his rebellion against international law must be put down once and for all before this war escalates into a Ukrainian invasion.
                 If NATO and the European Union do not step up and defend Ukraine, their friend in need, NATO needs to disband and crawl away and let communism by a dictator run the world.

                The price for Ukrainian crops and natural resources is the European Union and NATO standing toe to toe with Ukraine against Russia. If you do not stand up to Putin now and take back Crimea, WWIII is just around the corner. The asshole will not be satisfied until Russia is restored to its former state of enslaving people and countries for the benefit of the oligarchy.  The small part of Georgia that Russia took years ago was just a test of your tolerance of Putin's bullying style.

                 If you want a democratic European Union you need to stand together against tyranny at home and abroad even if your lifestyle is changed.

                 Russia needs to be broken up into smaller countries by United Nations mandate and no former Russian country can ever own nuclear weapons, death rays, etc. If you do not pull the bear's teeth now the bear will continue to cause trouble.

                 It is time for that wimp in the White House who refuses to meet with me or to hire me to find his balls and to stand up to the bully in Russia as well.

 It is time that the world was at peace and that can only happen if Russia and China are brought before the World Court and ordered to comply with international law instead of instigating wars with other countries.

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