Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Look What They've Done With My Advice Ma!

              As an international consultant, my advice is read around the world. It is balanced and fair. I try to balance the needs of every country and every citizen in each country equally. I receive no thanks of any kind from any government, no monetary compensation, no accolades, no trips, no invitations, no awards of any kind. I cut both sides equally and they both bleed the same amount. The truth is the truth is the truth.
              In this unjust world we have the haves and the have nots. The haves want all that they can get despite the suffering and the needs of the have nots. In the past three years, the partial application of my advice to the European Union and the United States has been used to benefit the haves at the expense and detriment of the have nots. I can no longer in good conscience offer my expert advice on any issue while the oligarchs of this present political climate remain at the helm.
              The Council on Foreign Affairs must be disbanded in its entirety as must the Bilderberger group and the infamous Tri- Lateral Commission. The new world order must be fair, even minded, even handed, and mutually beneficial to each citizen on this planet, else I will no longer provide my expertise to resolve its many problems. It can sink slowly into the quagmire that the wealthy's souls have sunken into.
               I now know how frustrating it was for John Nash to bring forth his Theory of Equilibrium. Human nature takes over and some people think that they deserve more than the next person, but for them to get more, means that someone might or will do without any. The morally lost walk this planet, and they are called educated, wealthy, and rich- but they are the poorest souls of all. They are morally bankrupt. They take, but they give nothing back. They survive on the efforts and the advice of others. Millions have benefited from my kindnesses, my unsolicited and solicited advice, given freely without cost. I can no longer stand idly by and provide advice that is not taken because it would not benefit the upper echelons of power or class of this world.
                Here, in the United States, a federal magistrate has consistently interfered with two court cases in which I am the plaintiff. The magistrate has been investigated by numerous government agencies as a result of my claims that I witnessed him accept a cash bribe, but our attorney general and the presiding judge have covered up these crimes of the magistrate.
                My attempt to change careers has been blocked by Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. They interfered with my courses, my choice of Master's degree programs, and finally the completion of a TESOL Teaching Endorsement. They have also interfered in my obtaining a job teaching in the State of Ohio.
                  I have placed in excess of three hundred applications and resumes in the job market. I have had twelve job interviews. Someone is pulling the strings, as I have received no job offers. Once prospective employers see that I am not a young college graduate, but a wiser, older 55 year old qualified teacher, author, and international consultant, they hire a young inexperienced female as a teacher instead.
                  I know the job market is tough, but at least one out of three hundred open teaching positions should be mine. I can teach with the best of them. I am smart, flexible, tolerant, kind, considerate, helpful, and most of all - patient. I understand the difficulties of being a student. I have studied people all of my life. I understand the human psyche. I try to motivate people to do what is best for everyone, including themselves.
                 By looking at the big picture instead of just focusing on our own needs, we can make this world a better place for everyone to live. But, the oligarchs of this world don't want a better place for everyone, they just want a better place for themselves to live.
                 Take the present uprising in Ukraine for example: Had NATO really wanted Ukraine as a full fledged member, it would have sent in peacekeeping troops already. Russia's troops and advisers could have been routed or captured, but NATO is ruled by the same oligarchs that have made a mess of implementing my advice concerning the Economic fiasco of the European Union. Rather than stop the fighting in Ukraine, it seems that NATO's standing on the sidelines can be compared to England watching as Hitler invaded Poland.
                 There comes a time when all good men must do what is fair, right, and decent and stand up for the rights of every person on the planet, and not just those of the wealthy, who do not deserve their upper class status as they act more like farm animals than human beings. I know that this post will not be popular, but it will be read and understood by those more important to this world than the oligarchs who are ruining it by their infighting and attempts at dominance of the less fortunate of this world.

                 Where are all the small business loans and education loans that I said were mandatory to a strong economic recovery of the world's economic engine? It has been two years people since the recovery began and yet- the bankers of the world still cling tightly to the purse strings of the cash flow of the world's economy. It is obviously intentional, as Greece, while it is recovering and has finally issued new treasury bonds, should have had its debt wiped out by now by the European Treasury- ohm but you say, "There is no European Treasury."  And, why isn't there? Obviously, the European Union needs a central treasury to control the European Central Bank, but wait,  the European Central Bank now controls only the small and mid-sized banks of the Eurozone. The "too big to fail banks" have escaped regulation, and interfered with the creation of any regulatory oversight agency or authority, it is no wonder why the economy of the European Onion, yes ONION is stagnant.
                It brings tears to my eyes to see how thwarted my advice has been and how it has been manipulated to benefit those oligarchs and crooked wayward politicians yet in power. I thought you really wanted the European Union to succeed as an economic and political power and as the first "true democracy" on this planet, but- I guess I was wrong.
                The silver and gold markets are manipulated, the bond markets and treasury markets are manipulated, where is the balance of the free market in all of this? When the people in the board room produce nothing, but get paid hundreds of times more than the highest and most skilled employees that actually make the company profitable, there must be a change in the way that business is done in this world.
                As the economies of the world continue to implode, as they will as the United States Federal Reserve pulls out of the stock market, you will see that I was right. You only win when you help others succeed.

                 That is why I wrote The Time Exchange: A Non-Monetary Economic System. Those that can work will, those that won't will cease to burden those that contribute to a better planetary society. It is time for a New World Order where economic equality exists and where every person and their voice counts and is heard.

                 It is time for me to bid you all adieu. I have done my best to help you in your time of need. Some of you have taken it to heart and changed your economies and the lives of your citizens for the better, but those who are concentrating their efforts not on a stable equal world, but on a less equal more selfish greedy world, have twisted and perverted my advice and have caused many millions untold suffering. I wonder if the world would have been a better place now had I sat idly by and watched the world's economies collapse and purge itself of these fools and parasites once and forever. I guess I'll never know.
                 It has been interesting helping the world recover and watching your reactions to my balanced advice. If more of you had said "Thank You," I might not be hanging up my shingle. I did not do this for fame or for recognition. I did not do it for money, I often wonder what it might be like to not have to wonder where my next rent payment might come from, but I believe that an excess of money brings with it its own problems.
                 What happens next- that is up to you. I 've done my part, as if anyone noticed. In a hundred years will anyone even know I existed?  Does anyone alive now care that I do? I don't know. My audience has been silent, waiting for the next shoe to fall. I've shown you the path to economic success, world peace, equality for everyone, and a better way to live. The next step is yours. Do your best to help someone succeed and you will be a success.

                  Unless I hear from a lot of you, this is my last post on the Internet in any advisory capacity. I wish you all peace, love, joy, and happiness. May you make the world a better place to live each day. I've done my part, I'm passing the gauntlet on to you and you and you. I have books waiting to be written and others waiting to be read. You will all be just fine without me. You never realized what a gift you were given anyway. All the same,  toodle- oo, bonsoir, abiento, sayonara, and goodbye.

               I knew it was going to be tough saying goodbye, so if you need me, and I mean really need me I might still be around, but I can promise you nothing, until the US Federal magistrate in Dayton, Ohio and Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio stop interfering with my ability to make a living and to get justice for wrongs they have both committed against others and myself. If you are a publisher, contact me at I have eleven books that I would like to get published, but I won't pay to have them published.

Have a good life, ta ta for now. Mark Winkle, author, problem solver, consultant, friend, and philosopher.
August 6, 2014 5:58 pm EST

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