Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why Politicians Lie, or New World Order? Ha!Ha!Ha! HA! Hee!hee, ho! ho! ha, ha, ha Are You Joking?

             If anyone ever come up to you and tries to defend their ideas by saying "it's a new world," punch them in the throat and walk away laughing. There is no "New World Order" and there never will be. What there will be is the same old selfish greedy assholes trying to grab power or land that rightfully belongs to someone else or to another country. SOS different century.

Let me explain by showing you this age old map of former "world orders":

 Every now and then (around every 100 years) a new bunch of morons thinks that it would be nice to take over the world. Like farting all the next day after eating a can of beans the day before, every world domination attempts soon runs out of gas. 

In the late 1800's to early 1940's Germany tried to take over Europe. Japan tried to take over Asia, the United States currently is trying to take over the Middle East, and so on. Every attempt at world or regional domination eventually fails! Why? Because the crazy idiots that had the idea die off or get killed.

Very few people will die for the memory of another person. The world is no more complex than when God first placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We can be like Cain and Abel or we can choose to live in harmony with one another.

So why do politicians lie and tell us that everything will be all right, just trust me/us, but don't trust the other guys? It is simple. Wars are fought by stupid people that are easily convinced that someone or something is going to take something away from them. Every war since WWII has been about oil.

If someone can get you to trust them, you don't think they will screw you once your back is turned. Unfortunately, most politicians are attorneys, and they are very practiced at deceiving themselves of their own worth, and are very undesirable as leaders. They lie, cheat, and steal from their clients. They lie to the juries and judges. They even lie to their images in the mirror. Politicians are the least trustworthy people on the planet. Hope and Change! Change is all I have left in my wallet after Obama got through with the economy after his first four years. Voters thought, Well, he can't mess it up any more than he already has. Boy, were they wrong. Lies piled upon lie piled upon lies.  The economy is NOT getting better. The national debt is not being paid off. What has happened is that people are now too bust trying to survive that they don't care what politicians are saying anymore.

The Effect of Lies on Relationships

Have you ever been lied to? Of course you have! We all have lied to others and have been lied to. Sometimes we do not even remembering why we lied to someone. Instead of telling them the whole truth, we lie to them. We leave things out ( a lie of omission). There are no white lies. All lies are bad lies. Even lies told to spare someone's feelings are bad for the relationship. If you lie about little things, can you be trusted with the big issues?

Ephesians 4:25 says, "Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another."   When I lie to you, I hurt myself as well. I damage the bond of trust that existed between us before I lied to you. 

However, some people get so used to lying that no one trusts anything that they say.

I read somewhere, and honestly it escapes me where I read this but it appears to be true:

For every lie that you tell, (1) you must tell twelve more lies (13) to cover up that one lie. Then you must tell twelve lies to cover up each of those twelve lies (157). Then you must tell twelve lies to cover each of those lies (1885 lies so far). Then you must tell twelve lies to cover each of those lies (20736 +1885= 22,621 lies
told, when telling the truth would have only taken one time.

All of these lies would be told in less than six months about one event.

Every war has caused more civilian casualties than the number of fighting dead. Why is this? One and only one reason. That reason is that soldiers are stupid lame brains who will shoot at anything because they are scared out of their minds of dying. They will shoot at the wind if it blows the wrong way. Russia even shot their own soldiers for trying to survive by running away. Their motto was: "If you run out of bullets, throw yourself in front of one, as there would be one less bullet that the enemy had."

The government of the United States is fighting a losing world dominance battle right now. We have spent so much money trying to put troops in every country that we are spending more than half of our budget on the military, spying, killing other world leaders, more spying, secret wars, and other useless ideas that do not have the well being of the country or the world at heart. No one wins the world domination game---ever!

It is time to stop lying to one another and start working together for a better world.


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