Friday, July 11, 2014

The Illuminati, the Bilderberger Group, Freemasons, North American Union, HAARP, and other Useless Organizations Around the World

             I just sat through another wasteful hour of research on organizations that are supposedly powerful, non-homosexual, greedy, self-serving, megalomaniacal, and otherwise mentally ill. Conspiracy theorists have been all over these organizations, their members, etc.
             Let me tell you the truth about these organizations,

1) their members are useless to a modern day society
2) they are more afraid of losing a dollar than getting diarrhea
3) they all have useless rituals which are meant to get the members to "bond" with one another
4) all of these members "bond" with one another only after consuming alcohol because they are afraid of telling the truth about themselves and their truly shallow little lives
5) most of these organizations feed on the "mystery" of knowledge as only a few "chosen" members (those who pay a lot of sucker money) become the alleged leaders of the organization
6) the true leaders of these organizations are the members themselves
7) all of the members of these conspiracy organizations have extremely low self esteem, that is, they have to drink to find their courage. In other words, they are so low on the natural food chain that they feed off of the crap of the other members.
8) the members of these organizations believe and are taught to believe that "money makes the man."  In reality, if you are not already a man, no amount of money will buy you masculinity or courage, or honor.
9) If any of these useless phony organizations ever tried to take over any part of the world they would be crushed underfoot by old men and little old ladies on crutches.
10)  If any of these "New World Order" group have anything to say in response to my rants here,

Prove your manhood and try to take over the world and let us see who really is running the show here on earth.

Do you really think the world can't live without you?

Let me give you a clue, it ain't any of you! ... and it never will be. 

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