Friday, July 4, 2014

It's July 4th, 2014! I Live in the United States, So Why Don't I Feel Free?


             I live in one of the greatest countries in the world. Almost everyone wants to come here, at least to visit. We use to have so many liberties and freedoms, but now those freedoms are being taken away one by one by our own government.
            We use to have reasonably democratic elections. Now those elections are rigged or bought by wealthy greedy people who are mentally defective and think that they have the right to tell others what they can or cannot do.
             In my hometown there was once a city councilwoman who got an ordinance passed requiring cat caretakers (as anyone knows, the cat owns you, not the other way around) to put their cats on leashes. She was laughed out of town and then voted out. Cats sprayed her house daily laughing as they walked away with their tails up!
             There are laws requiring seat belts, no cell phone use, car insurance, health care insurance, no smoking, no bare feet, no shirt, no shoes, no service, no left turn, no jaywalking (prostitutes only), no t-shirts in court, no running, no skateboarding, no climbing, no standing, no littering, no speeding, no foul language, no bottles over 3 ounces in your luggage, no fly zones, free speech zones, no heckling, no dogs off their leash, no public restrooms, no use of electronic equipment why the aircraft (which is electronic) is taking off or landing, no racial profiling, no counterfeiting....... and on and on ......

     Why don't we pass some common sense laws that will really make the world a better place for all of us?

1. Politicians, judges, and attorneys must make all laws apply to everyone including themselves.
2. Politicians and attorneys would receive a shock to their privates every time they lied.
3. Education must be free for everyone.
4. The tax rates would be stair stepped with no deductions or tax credits- the more you make, the more you      pay.
5. There must be an equal number of male and female teachers in every school and they must be paid  
    a. Every school district's teaching staff must be racially balanced and proportionate to the racial
    proportions of that state.
6. Every school district would receive the same amount of money per child regardless of the tax base of the
    area in which the child lives.
7. All school levies would be based on a sales tax so everyone could pay their fair share.
8. Everyone must vote.
9. It is your right to be uninsured for anything and everything.
10. No spying on citizens who have not been convicted of a terrorist crime by any country.
11. Third strike criminals automatically get the death penalty.
12. The child's father has an equal say as to whether his child is aborted.
13. No living off of the government (unless elderly or disabled) for more than five years.
14. A thirty hour work week around the world.
15. A mandatory living wage for every person on the planet.
16. Mandatory recycling of everything manufactured.
17. All hazardous chemicals must be recycled above ground.
18. All politicians can be removed from office at any time by a plural vote of no confidence by the citizens
      that elected them to office.
19. Economic criminals would receive the same sentences as violent crimes would and would be housed in
      the same prisons.
20. Judges cannot create or change laws as a result of their rulings; they can only order the alleged errant
      law to be redrafted and voted upon by the public or the legislature who has the final say over the matter.


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