Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How the War in Ukraine Must End

You asked "Who is behind this Ukrainian Defiance of Russia?" I am. The UN, IMF, EU, NATO, and every free country in the world. As an adviser to these organizations and 35 countries, The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability encouraged our friends to issue sanctions, to embargo, to infiltrate Russia, to take back Crimea (which was illegally seized), and to provide a pathway to peace and face saving for all sides.

Here is what I am recommending to the negotiating partners:

1. Russia removes all troops and ships from Crimea.
2. Russia removes all agents and troops from Ukraine, including Crimea, which legally is still part of Ukraine.
3. Ukrainian citizens will be allowed to leave Ukraine and enter Russia unimpeded, (but never to return).
4. Russia will discount the debt owed by Ukraine for natural gas by $1 million (US dollars) per Ukrainian soldier killed as a result of their providing aid and comfort to the enemies of Ukraine.
5. Those leaving Ukraine and entering Russia forfeit all assets and properties to the Kiev government.
6. A one year cooling off period where no Russian passports or Russian citizens would be permitted into Ukraine (except diplomats).
7. No trade embargoes or commercial trade interference by Ukraine or Russia.
8. All Ukrainian costs of taking back eastern Ukraine to be borne by Russia and taken off of Ukraine's Gazprom debt.

These are non-negotiable terms.

This planet was three conflicts shot of world peace for the first time in centuries when Putin threw his childish temper tantrum.

What has happened is that he has begun a second Cold War with the United States. Nothing will be resolved until Crimea is returned to Ukraine and all Russia obligations to Ukraine as a result of its illegal invasion and assisting separatists to destabilize the sovereign nation of Ukraine are deducted from Ukraine's Gazprom debt.

I work for no country, but for the interest of all mankind. I will be advising
my followers to ask for these terms in any peace accord held later this summer.

Russia also needs to remove its assistance from Syria and Egypt as well and stop meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations.

It would be nice if Russia would stop seeking its own interests and join the world as a partner instead.

I had recommended that we issue Dead Bank Letters to the top 50 Russian banks which would have effectively kept them from banking with any country in the world until Crimea is returned to Ukraine and all Russian citizens, soldiers, and agents are removed from Crimea. All Russian military weaponry must be removed no later than October 1, 2014 or will be considered forfeited to Ukraine (including all naval vessels).

These are my recommendation to Ukraine, the US, NATO, IMF, EU and others.

The failure to turn over Crimea is a deal breaker.Keeping Crimea will send the United States and Russia into a deeper Cold War than before. The open invasion and occupying of a sovereign nation is an act of war. As long as Crimea is in Russian control, the war between Ukraine, NATO, and its partners including the United States will continue. 

Make sure everyone knows about these conditions this week.

Mark Winkle, Founder
The Winkle Institute for Worldwide Economic Stability.

P.S. Thanks to Seagate, my files have been recovered.

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