Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dear President Poroshenko, (Ukraine)

Dear President Poroshenko,                                                                                                        July 1, 2014

              I want to congratulate you on your election and on beginning the journey to join the European Union. 
Obviously, there are those in your administration who do not share my enthusiasm. My messages to you at the 
government email address have repeatedly failed to be delivered over the past week. 
              I understand that you are a busy man. This nasty business in eastern Ukraine must be a priority. I have
advised 34 countries, the UN, IMF, NATO, and the US government on this matter since its inception. My advice to you
Mr. Presidents is to open a pathway for the separatists to save face, leave the country and not return. Russia will gladly 
take them in. They will be better Russians than they will ever be Ukrainians. If you offer a one week cease fire and open the 
border (secured by United Nations and NATO peacekeepers on the Ukrainian side) and by Russian troops on the Russian side
allowing only exits (one per person) and whatever they can load in their car, truck, bus, etc. and wave goodbye to them. 
              In return, they forfeit their remaining property to the government of Ukraine. This will solve a lot of problems. 
They know that they cannot win this war. Putin will not send Russian troops into Ukraine. In fact, his agents and troops will 
be among the last to leave. Expect some fires, etc. nothing your towns and cities cannot handle. 
              The European Union and NATO will ensure your natural gas and electrical needs. Plans are already underway. 
Don't worry about the chocolate you owe me, sell it and give the money to the families of your fallen soldiers. A case or two 
would have been nice, but I am losing weight this summer anyway. Send me a couple for Christmas though. 
               Contact NATO Headquarters and share my plan with them. They should have no problem backing the security of your borders during the exodus of the separatists. 

               As for Crimea, I am still working on solutions to that issue. Putin wants to save face. His economic union is in tatters. 
I personally saw to that. His opportunity to rebuild the former USSR will not happen on my watch. He wants paid for the natural gas.
Maybe something can be worked out. I believe in strategies where everyone gives up something and everybody wins. 

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Mark Winkle, Founder
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