Sunday, July 27, 2014

Creating a Stable Economic Situation in Ukraine and Ending the Civil War

               What needs to happen in Ukraine for there to be a stable economic situation is for the civil war to end. To provide for the opportunity of a cessation of the deaths of non-combatants and the destruction of private property, I believe that a 30 cease fire is essential. Call it a cooling off period. No weapons buildup, no firing of missiles, no border intrusions from Russia or the addition of troops by Russia or any other outside country or organization. Take a deep breath now as I am about to drop the other shoe.

                While Kiev and others may feel the need to punish the separatists for the recent downing of the Malaysian commercial jet, that is a matter for the International Court and the Hague to decide if war crimes have been committed or not. If you want an end to this civil war, the separatists need to be given an out. They will be punished mind you, but imprisonment is not the key to resolving this quagmire. Open a corridor to the nearest Russian border and let them leave. They will forfeit their possessions, their citizenship, and will be exiled in Russia, never to return to Crimea or Ukraine. If they are caught outside of Russia, they are subject to arrest and prosecution for treason and sedition. Their assets will be turned over to the federal government in Kiev.
                  But, you say they killed people. Well, this is a war, and one of the principals of war is that people opposing you must die. When you return fire, you have accepted the rules of engagement.

                 The main instigator to this fight has yet to be punished, but his time is coming. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal, just as George Bush Jr. is. They both started unprovoked wars. They both caused the death of civilian non-combatants. If we are to hold our enemies accountable, we must hold ourselves and our leaders to the same legal standards. The Rule of Law must be equally enforced. I would charge both of them with war crimes, seize their assets and give them life cleaning toilets and emptying trash, but that is my opinion.

                 In comparison, the United States' aggression in Iraq and Russia's aggression in Crimea and now Ukraine began  as temper tantrums by emotionally unstable leaders. The United States wanted Iraq's oil and Russia wanted to protect its naval bases in Crimea. Both leaders fabricated their case for military action. Both leaders lied to their citizens and legislature to get tacit approval for the escalation of military invasions into sovereign countries.

                  Additionally, it is my belief that if it were not for the Poppy crops in Afghanistan, and the resulting production of heroin, the "war" in Afghanistan would have been over years ago. A scorched earth policy needs to be put into effect there eradicating the Poppy crops altogether. God forbid that the CIA and our military would not be able to sell illegal drugs, murder people, or commit other illegal acts. 

                  Getting back to Ukraine, this civil war will end when the leaders of both factions want it to. The separatists will never be given autonomy or their own country or territory. This is folly on their part. Not even Putin is gullible enough to get drawn into an extended cold war that would essentially crush any hope of economic recovery for his country in the next ten years. The fact that Russia made the missile system available to the separatists makes Russia complicit to the war crimes committed when the Malaysian aircraft was shot down.

                   Vladimir Putin would be wise to offer his condolences and agree to make reparations for his country's contribution to the tragedy and loss of lives as a result of the shooting down of the commercial flight. Russia had no business backing the separatists. Russia should have offered them citizenship and visas, instead they have provoked a civil war. Russia unfortunately finds itself being isolated into near oblivion if Vladimir Putin continues as their leader. Instability begets instability. The fact that Putin's reaction to Ukraine refusing to join the Eurasian Union was to invade Crimea demonstrates just how emotionally unstable Putin is. I believe that Putin's desire to resurrect the former Soviet Union is folly. Government mandated communism has never worked in any society including Russia, China, and North Korea.

                  Putin's support of Syria and Egypt also speak to his emotional instability. Without Putin's support, the war in Syria would have been over months ago. Instead of creating stability and a climate of trust, Putin has caused Russia and everyone associated with it to be held in suspicion.

                  I would like to see a break up of Russia altogether in the next five years into separate ethnic territories. I would also like to see China broken up into provinces run by non-communist governments. I would also like the United States and every other country in this world to go to a plural voting system where the popular vote determined who sat in office, undeterred by corruption and campaign fraud. One vote per person. Everyone is required to vote that is over the age of eighteen. Voter fraud is punished by death.

                 Maybe we could get rid of some corrupt federal and state judges along the way.

Now you know what I think. I know you will do what you think is in your best interest.That's why we have wars. Some people just choose not to play well with others. They throw a temper tantrum and start another senseless war.

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