Sunday, July 27, 2014

Carving Up Palestine : A Solution to the Israel Palestinian Conflict

             In 1948 the United Nations with the backing of England and the United States created the nation of Israel without the consent of the landowners of the time. However, the best solution to the problem is to provide equality to both countries and to create two nations that permit and recognize the other's right to exist.
              In 1967 Israel violated international law and began a war with its neighbors. This war was unprovoked and thus was illegal. Israel seems to think that it has a right to land that was won and lost over thousands of years of history. The only documentation that provides any evidence of ownership was written approximately 150 BC with the Pentateuch by the then Jewish scholars from the recollection of texts and traditional stories passed down through the generations.
              The only realistic solution is for the United Nations to mandate by an addendum to the 1948 Article that granted Israel statehood, that Israel cannot be expanded by means of war. Israel does not respect its neighbors right to exist either. At issue is the illegal occupation since 1967 of lands that were seized by war. These lands must be returned. The legal way to force this to happen is for the United Nations to allow sanctions to be placed against Israel until it repatriates the illegally seized lands to its rightful owners and to pay damages caused by the illegal seizure of these lands.

               If the land was carved in half in such a way that provided half of Jerusalem to each country, say a geographic border from Tel Aviv, Israel to Ramlah to a midpoint in Jerusalem (north of this point would be Palestine) and then south of this point would be Israel. The Golan Heights would be returned to Syria, as it is illegally occupied, and has been since 1967. The line continuing through the midpoint in Jerusalem on a straight path to the Dead Sea. The southern part of the land mass would be recognized as Israel and the northern part of this land mass would be formally recognized as Palestine.

                This would correct many of the mistakes and failures of the 1948 and forward human rights violations by both sides. Both sides win. Move your people to your own side or permit them to co-exist if you like. Allow people to live together in harmony and stop killing each other over land and religious beliefs.

                Both sides have forgotten the advice of Jesus, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Maybe it's time to stop the hatred and start living in harmony with one another.

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